A List of Facts Concerning Myself Trying to Get My Family Investigated for Child Trafficking

This group that is all over talking dirt on me- using minute clips of longer videos of mine in order to distort what I am saying- who all are anonymous and trollish in their attacks- will do whatever they can to prevent people from listening to me- so let me break down what I have said for the past 16 years…

1). My parents where involved with child abductions and trafficking- which was part of a much bigger group in Omaha commonly referred to as the Franklin Scandal.

2). Despite my myriad of efforts these past 16 years- publishing a book, maintaining a blog, and doing countless interviews and videos- including a documentary- my parents have never been looked at- despite going to the police, filing reports with the FBI, contacting every media outlet I could think of, as well as our Dept of Justice.

3). Throughout all of this- I have been constantly hounded by Satanist Doug Meaner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves- with 100 of 1000’s of comments on Amazon on books such as Sybil Exposed and 22 Faces- not to mention my own- Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story, as well as a myriad of articles, YouTube videos, and a UK website- all of whom are done by aliases or anonymous posters.

4). In the 80s, allegations of ritual abuse and child rape came out in the US, the UK, and Australia simultaneously – at the time their was no Internet. Doug Mesner has spent his entire career discrediting this despite the UK getting busted for covering up theirs. Their allegations however were never investigated due to their public officials claiming the allegations were “historic” and not valid to spend any time and money investigating although tons of money, time, and effort was spent discrediting them at the time.

5). My dad told his Methodist Hospital hospice Dr.’s and nurses about his activities trying to come clean.

6). My oldest sister Cindy Hester was murdered by her husband and oldest daughter three weeks after our dad died. She told HER Dr.’s and nurses about her fears- prompting adult protective services to go into their house right beforehand but her murder was never investigated since her husband Ralph Hester was City Manager of Lynn Haven, Florida- where they lived.

7). My sister Cindy’s children are openly working with Doug Mesner making claims against since I have been trying to get them investigated- along with my half sister Christina Marie Shurter/ Blumpkin- working hard to keep anyone from looking into what I have been trying to get investigated . Anyone who looks into Ralph Hester’s career will find he changed jobs A LOT – from Milaca MN to all over Florida due to his behavior and that of his family’s.

8). My older brother Stephen Westley Shurter was the second photographer of child porn with regards to Franklin Credit that convicted child porn photographer Rusty Nelson spoke about. Stephen died in Ocean City Maryland and two years later a man by the name of Larry King Jr.- not the same from Omaha- got convicted and went to jail because of a huge collection of Satanic child porn. I believe this collection was my brothers.

9). My brother’s one claim to fame is that he took the official public picture of Frank Church- of the Church committee that was investigating the issues of MKUltra.

10). I went to Nebraska State Patrol cold case investigator John Pankonin and made him take my DNA to compare to a case of murdered boy Ricky Chaddick and other cold cases my father and brother may have been involved with.

11). I have only been met with aggression and cover ups with every law enforcement agency I have gone too- including Pankonin.

12). The three brothers spoken about in the Johnny Gosch abduction – along with the other two paper boys in West Des Moines- were the Aquazino brothers who were close to my older siblings.

13). Sam Soda- also spoken about in the Gosch abduction was once my boss at a gay bar called the Stage Door- which was directly across the street from Omaha Police headquarters where Robert Wadman- chief of police and named in the Franklin Scandal- worked.

14). In all my videos, interviews, my book, and my blog- I have NEVER ONCE changed my story or contradicted myself- despite Mesner and his groups claims to the contrary.

15). Yes- I did attack my nephew when I was 13- after being forced to light a man on fire when I was 10. I tried to kill myself right after- and when the police came it resulted in social services being sent into my dad and step mother’s house- and right after- a week after I turned 14- after trying to kill myself again- I was sent to a mental hospital for five months due to it being decided that I was having a psychotic break. AT 14! I am now 51 years old.

16). There is a great deal of info detailed on my blog that I have had for over a decade. Again- nothing has ever been looked at by ANY law official ever- NOT ONCE.

17). When I contacted Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers- he told me to drop it or risk being suicided. I was met by Omaha’s media with two constant words- “career killer” .

18). The protection order taken out against me in Algona WA listed an entire group of videos that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the petioners but SOLELY and ONLY dealt with Doug Mesner. Also- one of the petioners reached out to my sister seeking dirt on me on Facebook messenger before court- despite my sister and I having two different last names, Screen shots of this was sent to Algona WA police (as well as my lawyer) however they refused to help- despite the claims on the protection order and brought up in court that I threatened the Algona police Dept. Obviously this claim was a lie considering I was neither arrested nor charged for any such threat.

19). Since I have moved- I have received constant threats via email- threatening me- laughing they are breaking into my house- and threatening my dogs- all of which have been submitted to the police.

20). John Kilrush aka Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves has assured me over and over via email they are going to make sure I end up dead (Like Max Speirs, Lori King, AND her husband) or in jail- as they have done to EVERY whistle blower in the UK.

And THIS is Mesner. As you can see he has the upmost respect for decency and law- as shown in his weird ritual for the late Westboro Baptist Church Minister’s mother. This is who our law officials are protecting…

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