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Post by a Friend on Facebook…

Just posted as a comment on as many e-news stories about Damien Echols (“West Memphis Three”) speaking in Seattle that I could find: There have been many cases where convincing evidence of ritualized murders has been uncovered, yet justice has been overwhelmingly absent. The McMartin Preschool satanic abuse case, the Orkney, Scotland ritual abuse crimes, […]

TalkShoe Radio Program

Torture Using Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons Site and One on Col. Michael Aquino

Sent to me this morning from my investigator friend on Facebook. Both sites are kinda long- but they show what I have been speaking about lately. Well worth checking out…..

Time Change on My Radio Show Tomorrow I changed the time of my call from 12 central standard time to 1pm central standard time- in order to give those on the west coast time to get up and start moving around before the call starts. I am going to begin the call by talking about my case against Franklin Credit- but […]

Check Out this Website- Given to Me by a Friend on Facebook… Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge.

Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge site on Facebook is well worth checking out- and his investigations are fantastic. Posted to my page on Rabbit Hole on Facebook- I wanted to share this link to show that their is evidence of what I am talking about as far as being a “targeted” individual. Just to answer the question- […]

Another Example of the Sabotage I have had to Deal With In this Smear Campaign against Me.

Deciding to cancel the upcoming conference I was planning to host on human trafficking was not an easy decision, and I want to point out that it was due to this “smear campaign” that is going on with regards to me and what I am saying about Omaha and the situations surrounding Franklin Credit. How […]

New News on the Horizon

After some convincing, I have decided to begin my own internet radio talk show beginning this Saturday- September 29, 2012- where I will be talking about my history and about Franklin. I have decided, with all the adversity that I am facing trying to get my point of view out there, that I need something […]

What Has Happened Since the Publishing of Rabbit Hole

September 2012 After publishing Rabbit Hole, the common question I have had has been “what happened next?”, and I want to take a moment to explain what I have gone through from the very beginning of trying to get this manuscript out. The day after I sent the finished version to my marketing team, I […]

Some Thoughts Left On Facebook for Rabbit Hole…

So it occured to me……………..If Nick Bryant is also a disinfo peddler, then his “exoneration” of Hunter S. Thompson is probably Bull#$%@! I first began to question Bryant after seeing repeated assertions on his part that Franklin had absolutely nothing to do with MKULTRA (Decamp liked to insinuate that it had nothing to do with […]

Redirecting My Energy

Often throughout my life, I have had to take the time to reevaluate where I am and what I am doing in order to adjust my behavior accordingly. I have just gone through one of those times. What I have dealt with and am dealing with right now is very dark, and I admit is […]