All posts for the day September 28th, 2012

Time Change on My Radio Show Tomorrow I changed the time of my call from 12 central standard time to 1pm central standard time- in order to give those on the west coast time to get up and start moving around before the call starts. I am going to begin the call by talking about my case against Franklin Credit- but […]

Check Out this Website- Given to Me by a Friend on Facebook… Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge.

Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge site on Facebook is well worth checking out- and his investigations are fantastic. Posted to my page on Rabbit Hole on Facebook- I wanted to share this link to show that their is evidence of what I am talking about as far as being a “targeted” individual. Just to answer the question- […]

Another Example of the Sabotage I have had to Deal With In this Smear Campaign against Me.

Deciding to cancel the upcoming conference I was planning to host on human trafficking was not an easy decision, and I want to point out that it was due to this “smear campaign” that is going on with regards to me and what I am saying about Omaha and the situations surrounding Franklin Credit. How […]