Check Out this Website- Given to Me by a Friend on Facebook… Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge.

Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge site on Facebook is well worth checking out- and his investigations are fantastic. Posted to my page on Rabbit Hole on Facebook- I wanted to share this link to show that their is evidence of what I am talking about as far as being a “targeted” individual. Just to answer the question- NO- I DO NOT HAVE IMPLANTS. No chips in my brain or any where else that I know of. What was done to me happened remotely- and at this moment in time, I do not have a detailed explanation as to what occurred- or how it occurred, just that I know what happened and how I felt during the attack. However- I will be posting and talking on the radio about it in hope that there are others, along with Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge- that understand what I went through better than I do. God knows there is a whole COMMUNITY of targeted individuals out here that have experienced what I have- so the truth is most definitely out there, so to speak.

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