Another Example of the Sabotage I have had to Deal With In this Smear Campaign against Me.

Deciding to cancel the upcoming conference I was planning to host on human trafficking was not an easy decision, and I want to point out that it was due to this “smear campaign” that is going on with regards to me and what I am saying about Omaha and the situations surrounding Franklin Credit.

How it all played out is like this- I decided to rent Unity Church (which I call the Cult of the Disillusioned in Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story) to host the conference- and they decided to charge me 750 dollars for the venue, which I agreed too.

Then- last week, the minister Becky Whitehouse has her assistant Vicki Wilson call me and set up a special appointment to come and talk with the two of them concerning the conference. During this meeting, Becky expressed concern that I was developing a negative platform trying to expose what happened in Omaha, and tells me that if she (Becky), hears one thing she dislikes, that she would “pull the plug” immediately and throw everyone out- even though I am supposed to pay them $750 dollars for the venue.

This bothered me- esp. since Becky kept trying to refer to me as a liar in several of our conversations. Whether she is “protecting” the church, my stepmother, or someone else involved- I have no idea, but the fact that she made it quite clear that my mouth was to be gagged at a conference I had done all the work for and that they were simply acting as a venue concerned me a great deal.

The day before yesterday, I decided to change the venue from Unity so that I could keep anything unfortunate from happening. Going to the church- cancelling the venue, and getting back my deposit- I thought that it was over. Boy was I wrong.

Vicki Wilson, assistant to Becky Whitehouse- the minister of Unity Church, took it upon herself to call people on my roster and cancel my conference, without asking or consulting me in any way. Now I have been asked WHY she took it upon herself to cancel something that the church- although they were given the chance to help out with it- declined to get involved, but I have no answer. All I know is that Unity church- for some time now- has been determined that I not throw this conference for some reason- and Vicki- who is NOT INVOLVED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM- proved that by taking it upon herself to call the people I set up to talk and cancel a conference she had no part of.

However, yesterday- considering the smear campaign that is going on against me- (trying to assure anyone who doesn’t actually know me that I am a “crazy liar”), I decided to postpone the conference until spring. Facing such opposition as I have with regards to all this, I have come to the conclusion that instead of raising awareness through a conference- I would simply start my own internet radio show in order to get the truth of what I am saying out into the common world.

Omaha is a small town- and there are a group of people who will stop at nothing to keep me from getting my point of view on the child, gun, and drug trafficking that was happening around Franklin Credit Union out there. Who they are specifically- other than my stepmother and her cousin/lawyer- I can’t say- but there is a concerted effort to keep this all on the down low and keep people from listening to the facts of what was really happening here.

However, I am not to be daunted. is the link from Noon-2 pm central standard time, for my radio broadcast this coming Saturday, September 29, 2012. On this show- I will try to explain my point of view and try to get the facts as I know them out to the people- that are yet to come out on all of this.

Thanks for listening- and again, I am very sorry about postponing the conference- but it was due to unforeseen circumstances that were best dealt with now before Unity church could do some REAL damage. Needless to say- I will never step into that “church” (and I use that term loosely) again.

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