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Anger and Submission

Most Won’t Like this Video-My Message to God A Message to Mankind After My Last Video

Want to See the Weapon Being Used Against So Many? Here it Is…

And Just So There is No Question Doug Mesner/CIA Satanic Temple Satanist Lucien Greaves is Involved…

I am Having to Run as They Do Their Best to Trash Me on My YouTube Channel

This was my response… And THIS is the message she sent me on through paypal… And THIS is what I recieved from Paypal… And these are my two videos this morning…

Proof of These Weapons Directly From the Air Force

Latest Videos as They Murder Me

Speaking of Invisible Lasers, Is This Like What They Are Using on Citizens Right Now?

New Death Threat

According to Hoaxtead- Yet ANOTHER Advocate is Dead- This One At 42

Isn’t it convienient how all the people these people fight against end up dead? And if you read their comments- they can hardly contain their amusement…

Answering Doug Mesner the Serial Murderer