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Using What I Was Taught in the MKUltra Program

The MKUltra program is often considered a mind control experiment, where by assassins, human sex toys, and the like are programed. For me it was something different. I was “opened up” psychically, and much of my training as a child was focused on “remote viewing”, where I was taught I could mentally go to any […]

Yes, the Ring of Fire is real, and It Seems to be Heating Up

In the past few days, I have been amazed and disheartened about how many people don’t believe the Ring of Fire is real, or that it is just a line from a Johnny Cash song. The ignorance in this country is just appalling. I have actually been told that the fact that Nepal has […]

Why I, as a Gay Man, Decided to Join the Mormon Church

I have heard terrible things about the Mormon Church, and have often had people argue about me deciding to be baptized in the faith. I have been called a self loathing gay man because they assume the LDS church is homophobic, and generally have had so many misconceptions thrown at me that I have decided […]

Some Revelations About the Truth Concerning My Family and Our Nazi Connections

My sister just recently did a genetic testing called 23andMe, and some interesting things have come from the genealogy that came as a result of it. First of all- there is not ONE OUNCE of Jewish blood in my family, other than my grandmother’s family married into the Jewish clan. In fact, not only are […]

An Interview with The Devil

(My sis and I are doing the Ray Bradbury 54 week writing challenge and this is my first short story. I have been told by a few Christians that this is a promotion of satanism, however it was inspired by C.S. Lewis’s book “The Screwtape Letters”. I am not condoning satanism but rather trying to […]

Former Detective Sergeant Believes Ella Draper

This is more on the situation in the UK where two children claimed they were being satanically abused by their father and a bunch of other people who were dismissed by ONE judge, who supposedly interviewed 16 wittiness and ONLY TWO WEEKS LATER declared that the mother was guilty of coaching her kids to lie.