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Dissociative Identity Disorder – Protecting Little Parts from Being Accessed Online Fifty-year-old Regina experienced early childhood trauma in the form of sexual and physical abuse. She learned to adapt to the abuse by dissociating the trauma and dividing into different personalities. She now holds the memory of these childhood events and feelings within ‘parts’ of herself that represent her as a whole person. She has […]

Some Details About My Conditioning/Programming In the MKUltra Program **TRIGGER WARNING**

Many people have asked me to give specifics of my programming, and so I have decided to detail some of the things I went through. This could be incredibly triggering for some- so please read no further if you think this article could affect you in a negative way. I just feel that it is […]

The Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Conference 2014

First of all- I was wrong about Pat Goodwin aka Felicity Lee. It is funny how some people know all the right things to say to get a person to start doubting themselves and start questioning the intentions of those around them. Somehow knowing all the right things to say to instill fear and distrust, […]

The Distinction Between Satanism and Luciferianism

I think it is appropriate at this time to distinguish between these two thought processes- since they are not the same thing as some people may believe. Anton LaVey – who headed up The Church of Satan, was a Satanist. Organizing his sect in the 60’s, his idea was to mock Christianity and God as […]

Re-evaluating My Role in Advocating for Survivors of MKUltra and SRA

I have spent some time lately lamenting over the activism I have been involved with and the consequences It has had on my life after I attended a survivor conference and dealt with the group of people I have been trying to help. Granted- most of the attendees to this conference were women- and many […]

Going in Another Direction

Wow- have you ever had the cold hard slap of reality wake you from a dissociative fugue in such a way that you question what you have been doing in the world? This past weekend was this way for me- and I am still dealing with the repercussions of my realizations. I don’t have much […]