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Wow- I Actually Agree with Satanist Doug Mesner- Paul Bonnaci’s DID Bullshit was FAKE But what does this have to do with me trying to get my dad investigated for murdering children? Does he think this is all connected because it is apparent to me that he does… And Dysgenics is Mesner’s site- so if Justin Sanity isn’t Doug- how is he writing on Doug’s website. Seems like […]

Two Key Things that Got Overlooked about Project MKUltra

Hoaxtead and Their Obsession with Me and Jacob Wetterling

Hoaxtead and What They Are Claiming about the Jacob Wetterling Case OLD ABDUCTOR PICS NEW ABDUCTOR PICS And this was my interview less than two weeks before the Jacob Wetterling case was “solved”.

I Feel This is Important to Share

Not sure HOW MANY TIMES I have to say this- but I will NEVER commit suicide. EVER.

When it Comes to My Targeting- It Always Leads Back to CIA Satanist Doug Mesner THIS is Doug Mesner- the one gaining access to your children with his non for profit Satanic after school daycare…

Despite the PP Squad’s Urgings- I Will NEVER Commit Suicide

THIS is What I Woke to This Morning- Name Calling-Telling Me to Commit Suicide-and Admitting They Are Murdering Me

Dealing with the Pedophile Protection Squad’s Lies and Threats on My YouTube Channel

The Pedophile Protection Squad Claims I Have No Proof of Them Making Domestic Terrorist Threats So Here Ya Go…