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My 1/2 Sister Christina is Working With the Pedophile Protection Squad

So Floyd Virginia Bruce Turner Has Decided to PROTECT Lori King’s Murderer

It is Very Tiring Dealing with the Pedophile Protection Squad

New Video and an Article About PayPal Founder Speaking About Drinking the Blood of Children

Billionaire PayPal Founder Admit’s to Drinking Children’s Blood

The Pedophile Protection Squad is Working FULL FORCE to Keep Their BS Going

Message Sent to Jeff Sessions at Dept of Justice

Jeff Sessions Said Publicly that Child Trafficking is a Top Priority. If That is True- Then Stop Them Trying to Kill Me

Patty Wetterling Orginated From Omaha

This info was sent to me this morning so I wonder if Jacob Wetterling was sold like Johnny Gosch. Considering Brian Podesta is controlling the Center for Missing and Exploited Children- what is OBVIOUS is that she has absolutely NO ISSUE working with those who exploit children- and it certainly explains why she and Jacob’s […]

God is Allowing These Idiots to Act as They Are Because They Can Only be Judged for What They DO

I Am Just As Lost as All of You As to to Combat All of This