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If You Are Looking for REAL Satanic Child Porn

What are the chances that my brother knew two Larry King Jr’s? Cause he did. The Larry King Jr. in Omaha NE during Franklin in the 70’s and 80’s- and a Larry King Jr. from Ocean City Maryland- who went to prison around two years after my brother died. And the reason I believe they […]

SPECIAL REPORT- Those Who Knew Too Much About Pizzagate

What is Happening to Real Survivor Advocates and Whistle Blowers

As you might be aware- survivors- ESP. survivor advocates- are being decimated. Lori King- DEAD. Max Speirs- DEAD. Melanie Shaw- JAILED INDEFINITELY. (AND IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT AT THAT). And the list goes on and on and on. And NOW- Fiona Barnett is being attacked MERCILESSLY by Kathy Devine, Amanda Prosser, and John Brown (all who […]

The ABSOLUTE POWER of Angela Power-Disney

So I guess- according to Hoaxtead Research- that Angela Power-Disney is COMPLETELY BEHIND all of this pedophilia that is so rampant in the UK, the US, and Australia. Funny- for someone who they claim is so worthless and such a joke- she sure does seem to have an INORDINANT amount of power- to make this […]

This is a REALLY GOOD Question

You All Need to Read My Tweets to Trump And it is interesting how Trump said they are investigating this pedophile bullshit- but didn’t release ANY INFO as to what that involves. And Podesta’s BROTHER-from what I understand- is RUNNING the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. When will you all realize that the FOXES are NOT going to save the hen house? […]

President Trump’s Gaffe Wasn’t a Gaffe

President Trump said, in his speech today about human trafficking, “at the federal level and the other highest levels”. Some are laughing at this. However, if you read my twitter conversation with him these past five days, you will realize he didn’t misspeak as bad as you might think.

President Trump Seems to be Trying- Give Him a Chance

Do you all understand the significance of President Trump going onto TV and talking about child trafficking- and DIRECTLY CONTRADICTING Ashton Kutcher’s bullshit in front of Congress? It DOES happen here- and NO ONE understands the depth. MUCH DIFFERENT from Kutcher- and I might be wrong- but could that be SINCERITY in President Trump’s voice? […]

Another Example of the Games I Have to Endure

Yesterday on Facebook I stated there were a LOT of games focused on Fiona Barnett and I. This conversation was just sent to me to alert me- and I feel that it is important to share. NOTICE- how a person who is reaching out is NOT KNOWN- admits they know NOTHING ABOUT ME- and YET- […]

How To Make America Great

So when did America become a land where everyone just sits back and expects the President to solve everything? Because that sounds an AWFUL LOT like the monarchy we broke away from in the first place. This country was designed for its citizens to be involved. SO STOP FUCKING BITCHING- GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR […]