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SPECIAL REPORT- Those Who Knew Too Much About Pizzagate

What is Happening to Real Survivor Advocates and Whistle Blowers

As you might be aware- survivors- ESP. survivor advocates- are being decimated. Lori King- DEAD. Max Speirs- DEAD. Melanie Shaw- JAILED INDEFINITELY. (AND IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT AT THAT). And the list goes on and on and on. And NOW- Fiona Barnett is being attacked MERCILESSLY by Kathy Devine, Amanda Prosser, and John Brown (all who […]

The ABSOLUTE POWER of Angela Power-Disney

So I guess- according to Hoaxtead Research- that Angela Power-Disney is COMPLETELY BEHIND all of this pedophilia that is so rampant in the UK, the US, and Australia. Funny- for someone who they claim is so worthless and such a joke- she sure does seem to have an INORDINANT amount of power- to make this […]