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Concerning Fiona Barnett- Australian Pedophile Ring MKUltra Survivor Whistle Blower

There is a lot of shit going around about this brave woman- ESP. On Hoaxtead, so I want to deal with it. First off- these people exaggerate, lie, and deceive all the time and other than talk trash about others efforts- they don’t really do anything. And most of the people they trash are working […]

Taking Hoaxtead’s Cue Exposing Cathy O’Brien As the Fake She Is

So yeah- I have taken a cue from Hoaxtead Research and have joined them in exposing Cathy O’Brien as the fraud I know she is. And since she is so connected to Rosanne Barr- who lives on fucking Twitter- I have decided to press the issue with her since O’Brien won’t return any of my […]