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Okay Hoaxtead- I’ll Play

Spiny Norman- I haven’t seen your three questions on either YouTube NOR Facebook- but since you are OBVIOUSLY AWARE I am watching Hoaxtead Research- why haven’t you just asked them on there? While you are at it- why don’t you answer MY THREE QUESTIONS as well? Because it seems to me that your three questions […]

The Impending Kidnapping of the Two Hoaxtead Children

Just so I get this out in a timely matter- as Hoaxtead is ONCE AGAIN suggesting that the two Hampstead children are going to be kidnapped- OPENLY STATING that Angela Power- Disney is going to be behind it. Of course from everything I have seen personally- they are working in conjunction with their idiot shills- […]

Hoaxtead and Their Constant Bitching About “Fake News”

Hoaxtead is ONCE AGAIN bitching about “fake news”- blaming IT for everyone talking about all of this child trafficking and child rapes, but 90% of our media is owned by SIX CORPORATIONS- owned by the VERY PEOPLE who are FIGHTING these allegations. So, in other words, ALL OF THE FAKE NEWS COMES FROM THEM. AND […]