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On My Journey to Expose MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse…

In this fight to expose what has happened here in Omaha, I have now found myself pitted against people like False Memory Foundation lackey Doug Mesner/Misicko and his following of SRA deniers, and PaskellParis- who I guess is a Satanist that can’t help but make threats about me on his YouTube channel- which I believe […]

Terroristic Threats Were Leveled at Me Last Night on the Internet

Last night on a Talkshoe internet radio program, I was instructed to go to a YouTube channel of someone who goes by the name of PaskelParis- and on it was a group of terroristic threats against me. Suggesting that I was going to be “self-terminated”, it was enough for me to make a call to […]

A Rant by the anon Douglas on Amazon About Me… With Some Clarifications

“And now that we are fired up, let me say something about the person who wrote down the words in Rabbit Hole… My first encounter with him was on the thread about Suraci: how I thought Suraci’s book was poorly written and that his pulling more out of Mason, her idea or not, was ethically […]

Getting Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Trafficking Investigated in Omaha, NE

I have spoken twice to Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers on the phone, once when I first got involved with this investigation into my family, and the second time several months later, when I was well into it. The first time we spoke- he told me to drop it or else they would say I was […]

Ad Hominem Attacks on Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Ad Hominem- adjective 1. appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason. 2. attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument. I just want to point out that most every attack and bad review on Amazon has been this kind of attack- and very little about the […]

A Word before Walking Away….

On second thought- I realize that I was just despairing this morning. Angry- hurt, and frustrated- and I don’t mean to take it out on those who are working so hard to expose this. I just wish that we lived in a more idealistic world than what we do and I wish that things could […]

Some Insight Into the Artist Side of My Personality

There is much to me than the warrior side that most see online, and I wanted to take the opportunity to present some of that side of me to those of you who may believe that I am unfocused on anything other than the fight before me. Liking to think that I am more than […]

Shining As A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor- Our Time is at Hand

It is not my desire to scare other survivors when they watch what I am doing on other websites with people that I find unfavorable, and I want to assure everyone that the conflicts that I have found myself in have generally been done purposely- as that is how I learn about my opponents. Someone […]

I Have Left Amazon Due to My Advisors Direction

I have decided to have Amazon remove all of my comments from Amazon- as it seems to me that I have been baited into inane conversations for far too long- and I have to agree that my comments have been less than becoming as a caring individual. Although I stand by the things that I […]

New TalkShoe Program Featuring Neil Brick, Judy Byington, and Felicity Lee

Speaking about the targeting that survivor’s are facing- Episode 15