Getting Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Trafficking Investigated in Omaha, NE

I have spoken twice to Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers on the phone, once when I first got involved with this investigation into my family, and the second time several months later, when I was well into it. The first time we spoke- he told me to drop it or else they would say I was crazy, commit me, drug me, throw me off the roof and then call it a suicide. The second time I called, I was trying again to get someone to listen to me- and he told me that he had his “own agenda and things to do” in such a hostile manner that I simply responded when he was “done suing God” and actually wanted to “help the people”, to give me a call sometime and I hung up on him- (and I am not kidding, he actually went to court to sue God, and Nebraskan’s STILL re-elected the putz if you can believe it). I bring this up not solely to criticize Chambers but to show how there is a strong resistance to investigating my family and the things they were involved with even in the higher levels of the state government. Many have used the phrase “career killer”, and it is not easy- in fact many times it is downright impossible, to get people to overcome their fear and stand up against such an organized crime syndicate.

The False Memory advocates that I have been fighting with on Amazon constantly harp on the fact that there is no proof of what I am saying- but my contention is that there is plenty of evidence, but the fact that all I have gotten is the run around in town- it makes me wonder how many came before me and tried, only to have faced the same resistance to the truth that I have. Although Nebraska State patrolman Deputy John Pankonin went through the motions to take my DNA at the station, I am not sure anything was ever done with it, and I have come to wonder more and more if it wasn’t done in order to placate me in hopes that I would stop what I have been doing. Although the Michigan state taskforce contacted me about four murdered children in Oakland, Michigan in the 70’s, I have not gotten so much as a thanks for sending them an affidavit of my concerns along with a copy of my book. I have been asked why I don’t try to work closer with the local officials and unfortunately, it is because I have a concern that they are taking what I know to tie up loose ends rather than investigate any crimes that I have been reporting, and while I know that any legitimate investigation into this will have to come from the police department, I have no hope that they are doing anything whatsoever, except trying to assure everyone that I am crazy.

In fact- this is the primary argument against me- that I am crazy, and even though this argument, like all the others, are nothing but ad hominem attacks, esp. considering that I see professionals who can attest that the only thing “wrong” with me is PTSD, which was a direct result of the abuse that I endured as a child- I also don’t believe anyone can go through what I went through and not be scarred. However, although I have my battle wounds, it does not define who I am, nor am I crazy because I am relating what I am. More importantly- I have hardly been the only one who has brought these concerns to our local officials, only to be turned away with strong attempts to disenfranchise us afterwards. For whatever reason- our politicians, police, and local media have done their best to sit on their hands concerning what happened here in Omaha, and the frustration that I have felt over this has sometimes been intense.

Even trying to throw a conference on child trafficking was thwarted by Unity Church for whatever reason. It doesn’t surprise me, considering that the professionals who were going to speak in town would have seen that I am a normal person when they met me, and my step mother Joanne C. Shurter, and her lawyer/cousin Gerald Friedricksen could not afford to let that happen- lest I actually get some credibility in people’s eyes. Harassed by my stepmother and her lackey incessantly, they, along with local police and Judge Marlon Polk, have done their best to trash me in the eyes of the law even though the only thing I am guilty of is trying to get my family and their crimes investigated. At least I haven’t ended up dead- like everyone else who has come forward to report or look into this- such as District Attorney Gary Caradori, or better, Brad Fuguli- who was connected to people in Omaha’s CURRENT administration. Regardless as to how pathetic I find our local officials to be- the truth of all of this must come out, and so therefore, I have no intention of stopping what I have been and will continue to do for however long I choose to do it in the future, and I am not going to be daunted by personal attacks any longer.

I complain all the time that people don’t want to get involved, and what I have discovered is that maybe the same is true for me. So I am going to start attending city council meetings and such in order to bring this to light for the people. The next step must be taken- and perhaps this is the way to do it.

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