A Rant by the anon Douglas on Amazon About Me… With Some Clarifications

“And now that we are fired up, let me say something about the person who wrote down the words in Rabbit Hole… My first encounter with him was on the thread about Suraci: how I thought Suraci’s book was poorly written and that his pulling more out of Mason, her idea or not, was ethically shaky, given her past. (I would never have risked shaking up someone’s life like that, especially someone with a history of mental instability…) At any rate, upon FIRST SIGHT, the person who put his name on the cover of “Hole” called me a Satanist and a pedophile and began stating on his blog that I was a Satanist and pedophile and continues to call me a “pedophile protector.” He has never met me, admits he has no idea who I am, knows nothing of my life, and yet makes the most colossal charge that can be made against another human being, that of harming children–because…I…didn’t…like…a…book. So you tell me about this man’s credibility and whether or not we are supposed to believe what he wrote in his book. Authorities don’t believe him. The police don’t believe him. The state government doesn’t believe him. Why, says he? They are Satanists and pedophiles, you see! They seem to meet him at every turn! These three, but Byington and Shurter especially, would have done best never to have self-published these things, but if that was going to happen, they would have done better to have remained in the background and silent. Judy’s credibility, both as person and author, were destroyed on McGraw and here. And Shurter’s credibility, both as person and author, were destroyed here and on his blog–and on youtube…etc. Do NOT run around calling everyone in sight a pedophile just because he or she does not like a certain book and then ask someone to believe your book in which you run around calling everyone in sight a pedophile! All three books, Suraci’s, Byington’s and Shurter’s were bad enough (none found publishers), but their public behavior has made the incredible all the less credible. To paraphrase a bit, “better to let people believe you are a charlatan than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

I am dealing with this rant only because I would like to make some things clear- as this paragraph sums up the arguments that I have had to deal with the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- and since I can no longer post on Amazon due to the efforts of this group (and my own propensity to become sharp and “snide” with opponents such as these- which is the whole reason why Amazon decided to ban me), this is as good a venue as any to deal with this. In essence- Amazon said I wasn’t being as nice I as should and banned me for being “snide”, but then being called a liar and having a group do their best to try and discredit me kinda brings that out naturally, if you know what I mean. Whatever the reason, the outcome has been wonderful- as my days have stopped being full of fighting with rude, nasty people fighting for an agenda that supports pedophiles. The stress of that continuous futile battle was enough to drive anyone over the edge, and the reason why I am not fighting Amazon is that they actually did me a favor.

I won’t get into the specifics of my battle with Douglas- except that I have found him to play with his anonymous stature on Amazon and often lies at will. What he doesn’t say in this rant is that I have thought, and still sometimes wonder, if this is not the infamous Doug Mesner who threw a satanic rally for Rick Scott down in Tallahassee Flordia, and is poster child and internet spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation. Whoever his is- Douglas has gone so far as to leave a personal attack in the form of a review on my book and obviously is trying desperately to keep anyone from listening to me by denying my credibility- although he himself is nothing more than an anon on Amazon, with little credibility himself.

Let me make it clear though- this man fights against any and all claims of abuse- although he has no idea of the personal specifics of each case, just because of his allegiance to the False Memory Foundation- and as such, he arbitrarily and systematically denies any and all abuse claims that deal with ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse. His agenda is such that he attacks mercilessly regardless of not knowing the facts of the matter of each individual case. Mine is a perfect example. I am not saying that he is a pedophile- but that he mindlessly fights for them, which I still contend. But anyway, let me make clear some of the fallacies of his argument.

The Nebraska State Patrol believed me enough to have me sign papers and give up my DNA. The Michigan task force thought enough of my story to ask me to send a written and signed statement detailing why I believe my father and his group could have been involved in the ritualistic murders of four children in Oakland MI in the 70s. Someone believes me enough also to have sent a person to one of my booksellers house in the middle of the night to prevent them from selling my book- so to say that all kinds of people are not standing up and taking notice is not factual.

I don’t believe that there is a cover up because everyone is satanic or a pedophile- but rather- I am fighting some incredibly rich and powerful people who wish to keep their involvement in a child, gun, and drug trafficking ring quiet, not to mention that Omaha’s mayor BEGAN his office with accusations of his staff being involved in with the pedophilia that was rampant here. Officials in Omaha would rather this whole issue disappear forever, and it is THIS that I am fighting against. However- that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe Douglas and his group fights for pedophiles, so this part of what he is saying is 100% correct. His behavior has been to discredit survivors in any and all forms- and the result is the protection of those who are abusers. His rudeness has shown him to also be abusive, which is why I dismiss most of his arguments. All over the web attacking survivor’s- he has shown himself to be characteristically protective of those who have abuse claims leveled at them.

My credibility is a focal point for Douglas and his group- as they are desperate to keep anyone from reading and considering the things that I have detailed in Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story. I stand by the things I have said on this blog and in my book- and my YouTube videos have helped a great deal with showing people the layout of Omaha so that they can understand what was going on here- and the kudos that I have received throughout the years lay Douglas’s claims of a destroyed credibility as nothing more than a man with an agenda full of endless opinions and nothing more.

The issues in Omaha are not really about the satanism that was being practiced, nor the pedophilia that was taking place, but rather deals with the fact that an inordinate amount of money was being made on child, gun, and drug trafficking and that those drugs were coming into Offutt Air Force Base during the Iran/Contra scandal and was being distributed by people such as Kevin Dobson and Dick Bishop- who was working with the East Omaha Hell’s Angels- who were the distribution side of the trafficking. The people involved are very specific, and it has little to nothing to do with the satanic stuff that was going on here in town. Rabbit Hole is multifaceted in that I list a myriad of concerns, none of which have anything whatsoever with repressed memories, multiple personality disorder, or any of the other things that generally involved books written by survivors, although Douglas and his group fight me anyway. However, never one to run from criticism, I wanted to deal with this rant this morning and hopefully dispel any misconceptions of to what I am doing and what it involves.

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