Terroristic Threats Were Leveled at Me Last Night on the Internet

Last night on a Talkshoe internet radio program, I was instructed to go to a YouTube channel of someone who goes by the name of PaskelParis- and on it was a group of terroristic threats against me. Suggesting that I was going to be “self-terminated”, it was enough for me to make a call to the police, although I decided not to make a report as it was taken down immediately after I was notified, and I figured that it was designed to scare others and not me. I guess PaskelParis is a practicing Satanist- however, I really don’t know much about him- since I was just notified of his presence last night. However, I will say that I seem to be getting the unwanted attention of my opponents, and they seem to be working overtime to try and intimidate those who are around me.

A few months back, let me remind everyone that a man was taking pictures of my dear friend and I coming out of a gas station, which I believe was another intimidation technique to scare my friend in order to try and isolate me. It worked for a bit, as my friend was indeed unnerved, but everyone who knows me knows what I am involved with and so, although it was a shock, it didn’t come as any surprise, and we overcame it. But there is a definite group targeting me in order to try and isolate me while discrediting my information at the same time. Threats in the form of letters from my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her cousin/lawyer Gerald Friedricksen, have gone out to anyone and everyone who has attempted to help me in town, including two ladies who just made cupcakes for my book signing. Even a conference on human and child trafficking that I was trying to host was thwarted by whoever, who made enough threats to Unity Church that Unity- as a simple venue- took it upon themselves to cancel the event. It seems that everywhere I have turned there is a brick wall.

Even on Amazon- where I can no longer post- people like Critthink and Douglas continue to trash me knowing that I can’t respond. Considering what has been going on in the comment sections of 22 Faces and Sybil Exposed, it shows that there has been a definite and deliberate attack on any who would come forward with accusations such as mine, which is another indication that, for whatever reason, survivors are being targeted. As far as Amazon- what they considered “snide comments” was, in my estimation, simply me fighting, usually in defense- and trying to be funny in the process. However it played out- the results are the same, as this group that was trashing me before now can do it without limitations, as Amazon seems to be oblivious or without a care about the whole thing, which is fine but is just another indication of the concerted effort to quiet me in my opinion. It wasn’t Amazon that made the complaints against me but rather the group that was fighting me- and it is this group that is targeting survivors all over online, including me.

Organized in a way that has somewhat surprised me, although I shouldn’t be- events in Omaha have remained quiet because there are so many on the forefront keeping it quiet. This is not an accident, and I decided long ago that the only way to effectively fight all this is to simply expose it as it is. That is what I am doing with today’s blog entry. I just want to show some of the things that I, and those around me, have had to endure from a side that would rather I just remain silent and go away. Of course- that is not going to happen any time soon!

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