On My Journey to Expose MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse…

In this fight to expose what has happened here in Omaha, I have now found myself pitted against people like False Memory Foundation lackey Doug Mesner/Misicko and his following of SRA deniers, and PaskellParis- who I guess is a Satanist that can’t help but make threats about me on his YouTube channel- which I believe is either an attempt to “access” me through programming terminology- or designed to intimidate other targeted individuals who would go look at his postings. I have no idea who these people are personally- however, most of my dealings with the people who would stand against me or anyone listening to what I have been saying to be unpleasant- not because they have disagreed with me but rather because they have done nothing but constantly threaten, intimidate, and attack. There is, as I have said, a concerted effort to keep my concerns from being heard, and threats have been part of the process this whole time.

I have been told to keep up the heat with the False Memory people, but the thing is, Omaha was BEFORE the false memory foundation- and had nothing to do with repressed memories, although Paul Bonnaci, as I have stated before, was the first DID (dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder) case that I believe spurred the whole False Memory Foundation concept and the following “hunt” against anyone who would claim to suffer from DID- or in my case satanic ritual abuse, through the past few decades. Therefore, I think that the False Memory people are nothing but a distraction for me, who I find are just a rouge group of obnoxious individuals who argue in circles with “facts”, many of which have long since been dis-proven. My interest is not in the lackeys who fight cases without knowing any facts but rather the people on Randi.org who seem to be directing this group of dissenters. Offering advice in shadow anon accounts, it was pretty obvious to me and those who were watching that this group was pretty determined to get me off of Amazon- and did so in a directed and quick manner, although most found my posts funny rather than snide, which is why Amazon banned me. However, the False Memory crap was years after Franklin Credit Scandal, and events here in Omaha stand on their own, and are not under the influence of the FMSF or their Pedophile Protector Squad.

The Grand Jury that determined that events in Omaha were just one “carefully crafted hoax” and nothing more is well known to have been corrupt, which is how they could offer such a specific explanation without going into detail as to who was behind it or how this “hoax” was able to be played out all over the nation without social media or the internet at the time. Parents were reporting that their child were being abused within their daycares and at the time these complaints had NOTHING to do with DID or repressed memories but were, rather, detailed events of abuse that were taking place “real time”. Heavily connected to Col. Michael Aquino and his psych ops work in the government later on with the Presidio Day Care scandal in San Francisco, I think that the satanic aspect was just a way to cover the truth that what was happening was nothing but a continuation of the mind control project MKUltra and the practice by our elite of using and abusing our most vulnerable citizens. The satanic aspect, the Johnny Gosch case, as well as the False Memory Foundation- have been nothing more than smoke and mirrors to cover the up the events that have played out, not only here in Omaha, but throughout the nation as a whole. Covering up basic facts of the investigation here with goose chases for an abducted child who is supposedly alive is a kind of “Where’s Waldo” game that distracts from the facts that an inordinate amount of money was being made by our government and our elite who, after deregulating the nation’s savings and loans, began running drugs from the Contras, trafficking children and guns all over the place, all the while furthering the continuation of secret projects that were supposed to be disbanded decades ago. As they say- hind sight is better than fore sight- and now that we have the luxury of history concerning all of this- I think it is pretty easy to figure out who was behind what was really going on- simply by following the money.

It is because I refuse to go away or become silent that the “other side” has decided that threats are warranted. Are all of my dissenters connected? Of course not- but I seem to have gathered quite a few adversaries in my quest to expose the truth and so it is hard for me to look at them as anything but a whole rather than a group of individuals, as their desire is the same, and that is to keep people from hearing what I have to say. However, faith staves off paranoia, and so whatever this group might do or threaten is not really my concern- as I have given much of this up to God. Besides, what is one life to offer up to God and the Heavens? So I will continue either until the job is done, or I am. It is simply the right thing to do.

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