The Explanation Given to Me By Amazon As to Why I Was Banned

Hello David,

After a week long chance to suppress spiteful comments I’ve reviewed your account again and your status in regard to our Customer Discussion Forums. Your posts were found to be still violating the spite guidelines, and all of your posts were removed. Per our Conditions of Use you violated after two warning were given to you, we’ve removed your posting privileges from your account.

Please take a look at our guidelines for more information:

Examples of posts violating guidelines:

“However- Douglas acts like a bigger Bit** than most men I know- which says a great deal about him. lol.”

“And Douglas is IN NO WAY a twinkie. Maybe the product of WANTING to be one- but no- he isn’t a twinkie. lol”

“do you just type responses to yourself douglas to impress yourself? You’re not Debbie- in fact- judging by the time you spend in here- I am not sure you are really anybody of substance.”

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Best regards,

Aaron W.

Of course the arguments that I was fighting were MUCH harsher than what I said- and I was just trying to be funny in the end- but this is the letter I got explaining what comments I wrote that got me banned. There was a CONCERTED effort to get me off there within two weeks of my arriving, and the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad is alive and well and constantly fighting on Amazon to prevent another, in their words- “witch hunt”, although my take is a bit different in that is deals primarily with pedophiles and child traffickers and not so much with witches and warlocks. Since I don’t fit the parameters of what the False Memory Foundation Pedophile Protector Squad members are comfortable to argue with- in that I am male, have never had DID- nor have I had repressed memories, not to mention that events here in Omaha happened YEARS before the False Memory Foundation was even formed, it was necessary for them to make concerted efforts to get me off- and as you can tell from the letter I received from Amazon- most of the complaints primarily came from Douglas- the poster who was attacking me the hardest. Interesting how it all worked out- and how FAST it worked.

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