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Eastertime Musings…

This weekend I have once again been asked why I keep going on about the happenings in Omaha back when I was a kid, and I wanted to answer on my blog so that I don’t have to keep answering. It is funny- I usually find that the people who ask this are, for the […]

The Reason Why My Concerns Have Been Unheard by Omaha Police is Because There is NO PUBLIC AUDITOR

In Omaha- the police police themselves- and not very well. I am putting up a video in which you can PLAINLY see the police invading a house with NO WARRANT in order to illegally confiscate a video of their misdoings. They are running rogue- and not achieving anything but causing a great deal of harm […]

Talkshoe Episode 19: More Conversation on What It Is Really Like to Live with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Episode 19: More Conversation on What It Is Really Like to Live with Dissociative Identity Disorder An interview with author of two books, the latest being “All Together Now” whose website is, DeJoly Labrier, moderator of Ivory Gardens, a website on DID which is Felicity Lee, and my sister Kathy- who graduated top […]

New TalkShoe Interview About Dissociative Identity Disorder

On March 24th, 2013- I just completed an interview in which we speak in depth about Dissociative Identity Disorder- once called Multiple Personality Disorder. My guests are my sister Kathy, renowned author DeJoly LaBrier, who wrote “All Together Now”, DID survivor and warrior Felicity Lee, and Judy Byington- who wrote 22 Faces. We discuss in […]

New TalkShoe Program Talking About My Own Personal Targeting and Others This is a 15 minute recording talking about mine and others targeting and what is going on right now in my life. I am being targeted to keep my book and investigation from hitting the general population- and I am just talking about what is happening right now. Thanks, David Shurter

A New Interview with Me Concerning the SPECIFICS of my Satanic Ritual Abuse

*TRIGGER WARNING* This interview that I did last night is INCREDIBLY graphic, but I decided to answer the ugly questions that always get asked about me concerning my abuse in the past. Again- the Satanic aspect of this is important- but more than that is the fact that our government was still involved with MKUltra […]

Suing the False Memory Foundation Pedophile Protector Squad and Linking Survivor’s Together to STOP the Anon Attacks that are Causing Such Pain for Survivors

Okay- so this is what has happened in just a short period of time. I get banned on Amazon by a group of people that I call the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad complaining about me- all lead by a man-boy dabbler and promoter of Satanism who is officially the new False Memory Foundation poster […]

Douglas Mesner and the Lucien Greaves Satanic Temple Connection

This is who is trying to block everyone on Facebook, in my opinion, and it is this kind of info that Doug Misicko, satanist, doesn’t want out there. However, my website is mine and Ill post what I want. i guess that the False Memory Foundation must of come at him for being a public […]

New Actions on Behalf of the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad

I woke up this morning to a message from Facebook that I was in violation of community standards speaking about Critthink, Douglas, Charles Gaston, and all the rest of the false memory pedophile protector squad members who have been bashing me on Amazon without me getting a chance to reply. Since they can’t get my […]

An Apology to the TI (Targeted Individual) Community

I have been called onto the carpet so to speak recently- and have had several of my consul bring many issues to my attention concerning certain things I have said that have been flat out wrong, and I want to take a moment to apologize to the TI community for my rant the other day […]