The Reason Why My Concerns Have Been Unheard by Omaha Police is Because There is NO PUBLIC AUDITOR

In Omaha- the police police themselves- and not very well. I am putting up a video in which you can PLAINLY see the police invading a house with NO WARRANT in order to illegally confiscate a video of their misdoings. They are running rogue- and not achieving anything but causing a great deal of harm in the process.

It is amazing to me that I have info- corroborated by older sister- on the illegal events that played out here in the past concerning child, drug, and gun trafficking and yet local officials are DESPERATE to keep this info from reaching the public- although I have been emailing Nebraska State Patrolman Deputy John Pankonin and faxing Mayor Jim Suttle and Judge Marlon Polk concerning my allegations for quite some time now.

This is the video showing how Omaha police just do whatever it is that they please, in order to show that there is no Public Auditor to police the police and take the issues of the concerned public to bat. They are doing JUST WHAT THEY DID IN THE 80’S and that is doing WHATEVER THEY PLEASE. Everything BUT upholding the law.

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