New TalkShoe Interview About Dissociative Identity Disorder

On March 24th, 2013- I just completed an interview in which we speak in depth about Dissociative Identity Disorder- once called Multiple Personality Disorder. My guests are my sister Kathy, renowned author DeJoly LaBrier, who wrote “All Together Now”, DID survivor and warrior Felicity Lee, and Judy Byington- who wrote 22 Faces. We discuss in depth what DID is like, how it works, and how to survive with such a diagnosis. This is probably one of the best interviews I have ever had.

You can find the interview on my blog, or it is also on, under the ID number 123756, and it is episode 18 that this interview took place. It is full of fascinating facts and deals a bit with the complaints of the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad. Please listen and enjoy as we spend 2 1/2 hours discussing DID and what it has been like dealing with such a diagnosis and prospering regardless.

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