Suing the False Memory Foundation Pedophile Protector Squad and Linking Survivor’s Together to STOP the Anon Attacks that are Causing Such Pain for Survivors

Okay- so this is what has happened in just a short period of time. I get banned on Amazon by a group of people that I call the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad complaining about me- all lead by a man-boy dabbler and promoter of Satanism who is officially the new False Memory Foundation poster child named Doug Mesner/Misicko. Anonymous people such as Critthink, Karmakazee, Douglas, ac2012, and others who are not so anonymous but are still no more than strangers on the computer have fought- not only me- but EVERY author or survivor who comes forward- and I believe that they are all connected to the website whose owner is a member of the False Memory Foundation Board of Directors. Causing an untold financial loss for not only myself with their smear campaign- but Judy Byington- author of 22 Faces- who has ALSO had a “war” waged on her- they have done what they can to destroy ANYONE who would come forward and talk about satanic ritual abuse.

They have accessed not only Judy and I, but also the survivor named Jenny that 22 Faces is about, as well as her family- causing great stress on situations that are nowhere within the realm of normalcy. Accessing other survivors of abuse like a woman named Felicity Lee, they have gone so far as to expose Felicity’s life as much as possible- publishing pictures of her granddaughter as an implied threat, among MANY other things. These people- under numerous alias- troll and stalk online and in the real world anyone who would come forward with abuse claims- and they do it relentlessly and so well that there MUST be a collective force behind it, esp. considering the tenacity and depth they are willing to go to influence, control, and destroy anyone they deem as a threat of bringing on a 21st Century witch hunt.

Accessing not only my online life- tracking me down on Facebook and succeeding in shutting down, not only my Facebook account, but my marketing team’s as well for a brief period of time, they have also reported me to every agency they can think of to hurt me. This tells me that there is more than this band of trolls involved with this mess, but I have no idea who exactly I am fighting- although the hits seem to be endless. This is esp. true for Judy Byington, who has been decimated by the attacks that this Pedophile Protector Squad has waged, as they have done everything they can to cause financial distress on her as well.

It has been suggested to me by my lawyer to sue Amazon and subpoena the identities of these fake online people in order to hold them responsible for the damage that they have caused not only me- but a number of others who want to join in on the law suit. This anonymous crap must end- and the argument is that THIS is the only way to do it, as we can ask Amazon to release, not only the slanderous conversations that have been had in entirety- but the true identity of those who are guilty of making such statements. Considering that Critthink recently reported that the four women who came forward in the Castlewood case are “suing the pants off” their therapists for implanting thoughts into their heads brought up the question of whether Castlewood would be interested in joining- as there is already a collection of us who have joined forces who have incurred loss due to the slander that Amazon refuses to take down, so therefore supports.

Now, it is true that some of my own personal financial loss has come from my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her cousin/lawyer Gerald Freidrickson who both follow me around like dogs trying to interfere and scare anyone who has wanted to help me in town, and I chose not to sue her, but that is because what she owns is blood money- and the energy and karma surrounding that money is so bad that I want none of it. However, going after this group online who trash anyone and everyone who comes forward needs to be dealt with- and I think that a joint lawsuit is the only way to bring this group of cowardly nobodies who feel powerful in their anonymity to a halt. The threats and accessing of survivor’s and their families MUST be brought to an end- and it my intention to show and prove that this group of wanna bes are working in conjunction with and the False Memory Foundation.

For those of you who are interested- please contact me at and share your experiences and we will see how many people WE can get to stand as an opposing force to this group of active Pedophile Protectors.

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