I Have Left Amazon Due to My Advisors Direction

I have decided to have Amazon remove all of my comments from Amazon- as it seems to me that I have been baited into inane conversations for far too long- and I have to agree that my comments have been less than becoming as a caring individual. Although I stand by the things that I have said on the site- I feel that it doesn’t help survivor’s feel empowered when they see this constant fight happening between myself and a group of people who have nothing but malice intent. It was also time consuming- and now that I have removed myself from this fight on Amazon with the FMS Pedophile Squad, I no longer feel compelled to waste the hours of time that it was taking fighting fights that simply could not be won. As survivors, we must choose our battles- and it has been my experience that when they have no one to fight with- they just constantly talk to themselves- so it will prove to be much more interesting- and much less time consuming on my part.

I don’t want anyone to think that I am abandoning the cause- but my job at Amazon is done- and I don’t see a need to keep talking when very few people are reading and keeping abreast anyway. My blog and internet radio show is much more productive- and that is where I will be focusing my time and effort.

Thanks for the understanding- but now that I have been told that my constant bickering makes me look unfavorable- it is time to change tactics and go back to why I originally got involved with this- and that is to empower survivor’s enough to tell their stories. Battling the other side DOES NOT fulfill this objective- and so it is time to change course.

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