Shining As A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor- Our Time is at Hand

It is not my desire to scare other survivors when they watch what I am doing on other websites with people that I find unfavorable, and I want to assure everyone that the conflicts that I have found myself in have generally been done purposely- as that is how I learn about my opponents. Someone very dear to me once said that I bring “the crazy out of people”, and I have to begrudgingly say he was correct. It is exasperating, and often time consuming, but in order to figure out exactly what I am dealing with, I find that it is best to catch people off guard- get them going, and see how they act in the process in order to ascertain what kind of individuals I am dealing with. In my defense- I only employ this tactic with those who I feel are playing games to prevent the real issues of not only Omaha, but satanic ritual abuse and ritual abuse issues in general from coming out into the mainstream public, and it has usually been a tactic I use only online and not in my general life. Not saying that I haven’t attracted some “interesting” people along the way- but as a rule, I don’t often find that life or people are “out to get me”, so I try my best to go with the flow- and see what I can learn along the way. However, I also adhere to the adage “just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you”.

One of the hardest things for me with all of this is that I am not exactly sure who all my opponents are, and that anonymity lends a heightened sense of self-awareness and hyper-vigilance as a result. Strangers with nefarious intentions have been a commonality in dealing with all of this, and as such, it has made it hard to know just who to trust and who not too. We all have our own agendas in that we all have things we want to accomplish in life, so that makes it hard enough- but then adding to the mix a group of people whose sole purpose is to quiet, intimidate, and then discredit anyone who would come forth with SRA or ritual abuse claims, it sometimes makes it virtually impossible to move forward with anything at all. Although it has not been my intent to scare survivors by showing them the pervasiveness of the opposition, I do feel that in order to effectively be in the battle- one needs to know as much about their enemy as they can. Rest assured- if you are a survivor wanting to come out and tell your story- “they” are lurking in the shadows just waiting to ensnare us in their webs of flawed logic and overt skepticism, and the opposition attacks immediately, relentlessly, and with no remorse the minute they set sights upon their victim. So what the hell do we do?

First, there are powers in numbers, and quite frankly- there are more of us than there are of them. Neil Brick- on my last Talkshoe radio program- had the right idea when he suggested that ALL survivors get on the internet, start a blog, and start telling your stories. We need to come together cohesively and in numbers that cannot be ignored, and this is a great way to begin. There are a myriad of sights that offer free services, and even if it is just a paragraph a day- from personal experience I will assure you there is nothing more empowering that seeing your story in black in white. In doing such a thing, we validate each other in a way that will make the public take notice, and I think that is the very credibility that we need.

Next, let me assure you that the “other side” is nowhere near as powerful or as crafty as most of us had them out to be. Most of them are brash, emotionally driven, and highly competitive- generally using anything they can muster to control conversation, and many of them are not only young- but have not even come close to going through the things that we have, thus they lack both experience and the strength we were given throughout our abuse. Individually we are each stronger and more aware than the rest, but together, we would be an unstoppable powerhouse that could change the world and stop the abuse of children- and from what I can see, the opposition would be able to do nothing about it.

Lastly, I want to once again begin work on the Survivor’s Project- where I will be looking for people to make and upload short videos detailing what it is like to be a survivor of SRA and ritual abuse, and I am looking for a group of people to help me get this project off the ground. I am not looking for money- but rather time and ideas for anyone who would be interested. The UN did a similar project a couple years back that they called the Testify Project- where people sent in videos detailing human rights violations, however I would like to just focus on our plight as survivors- and maybe individually we can offer hope and inspiration to each other enough to help us all find a voice. I think that together, as a group- we could all change the world and prevent what happened to us from happening to others in the future. If anyone has that power and drive- it is us, and just like Mr. Brick said in the last phone call- I also believe that our time is now- that it is our point in history- and the world is ready and open to hear what happened to all of us finally. We only need to start talking.

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