Some Insight Into the Artist Side of My Personality


There is much to me than the warrior side that most see online, and I wanted to take the opportunity to present some of that side of me to those of you who may believe that I am unfocused on anything other than the fight before me. Liking to think that I am more than a one dimensional being, it is my artwork that truly shows my love for God and my fellow man.

For me, art is a spiritual channeling that is unlike any other that I have experienced. I often say that prayer doesn’t change the will of God, but rather opens up our hearts and minds to the possibilities involved with our difficulties, and the same is true about my artwork. I would like to think that my artwork is a celebration of the spirit, as I try to focus all the love of Heaven in my pieces.

Defying the odds of my background, I find peace in my studio much like I do practicing my spiritual beliefs, but then that is probably because they are one and the same, as I continuously pray over all that I do. Allowing Heaven to create beauty through me, I am honored that God has blessed me with such a gift. It is this gift that I would like to share with you now- as you might see a different side of me than what you know already.

These are a few pieces that I have created and distributed out into the world, as God loves a cheerful giver, and like information, art is no good unless it is out and being seen. Gaining all the attention I need with my art- I am not the attention seeker that the “other side” would like to present me as, considering I get more than enough from my art. I just wanted to take an opportunity to show this side of myself, so that people get a different perspective of who I really am.



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