What is Happening to Real Survivor Advocates and Whistle Blowers

As you might be aware- survivors- ESP. survivor advocates- are being decimated. Lori King- DEAD. Max Speirs- DEAD. Melanie Shaw- JAILED INDEFINITELY. (AND IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT AT THAT). And the list goes on and on and on.

And NOW- Fiona Barnett is being attacked MERCILESSLY by Kathy Devine, Amanda Prosser, and John Brown (all who are working for Australia’s goverment) for exposing Australia’s version of pizzagate.

And DESPITE Hoaxtead Research, the UK government, Australia’s goverment, and the US media claiming this child trafficking pedophile shit they have going isn’t real- WE ALL KNOW DIFFERENTLY NOW.

Kathy Devine is using a law service that there is NO WAY she could personally afford without a HUGE amount of help from someone- and considering how HARD Australia has fought to keep all these crimes under wrap- chances are we should ALL start looking there FIRST.


We are the REAL wittnesses. NOT Angela Power-Disney. NOT Miles Johnson (who was INVOLVED with the murder of Max Speirs). And CERTAINLY NOT Hoaxtead Research- who go on and on trying to convince everyone that child trafficking is NOT what we know it as now and are attempting to do their best to shut it ALL DOWN.

We survivors are in DESPERATE NEED of your focus and help- because they are PICKING US OFF LIKE FLIES.

The time for people to speak up and PROTECT those of us who have come forward to try and stop this is NOW.

I am getting ready to publish a series of articles detailing the facts of these cases- beginning with Fiona Barnett because if people don’t do something fast- they will get rid of every witness- these cases will be closed- AND CHILDREN WILL CONTINUE BEING SOLD, RAPED, AND MURDERED.

And are ANY of us really okay with that?

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