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Regarding Melania Trump…

You know- I look forward to the day that Melania Trump gets the confidence to take her place in the White House. She is brilliant, driven, sexy, and confident- and I think if she gave herself a chance- she could actually become the US’s version of Princess Di. I truly do. And I can’t help […]

My Stance on Donald Trump Today

Look-for all you buttwipes arguing with me about the Trump/Epstein connection. You are NOT doing yourselves any favors denying that Trump was involved with Epstein because by TRUMP’S OWN ADMISSION- he has been to Epstein’s parties- knows him enough to say he is a great guy- and he ALSO knew Epstein was a pedophile- remarking […]

A Reply to a Trump Tweet

With that- then I have a suggestion. Why don’t you deal with your convicted pedophile billionaire best friend Jeffery Epstein instead of FUCKING DEFENDING HIM.

My Quote for the Day

I do have to admit that it is QUITE entertaining to me to watch their shit fuck up so bad. And Depp has proved to be an EXCELLENT example. And all at the VERY TIME you all were SO SURE you would have EVERYTHING. LOL BAZINGA MOTHERFUCKERS…

Jerry Sandusky’s Son Being Arrested is NOT What You Think

Yeah they busted him- and that is supposed to give you all hope. BUT-chances are- they are afraid that he knew what his dad was doing with that Second Mile High child’s foundation where he was selling children to the rich. Or do you all REALLY believe Jerry Sandusky is behind prosecuting attorny Ray Gricar’s […]

With Regards to Hoaxtead Research’s Allegations

So how was me going to the Nebraska State Patrol and having to demand that Det. John Pankonin take my DNA and look into my family seeking attention? And I don’t remember asking Pankonin to send his sister Tru and her best friend Teri into mine and my sister’s lives to gather dirt on us. […]

Concerning Fiona Barnett- Australian Pedophile Ring MKUltra Survivor Whistle Blower

There is a lot of shit going around about this brave woman- ESP. On Hoaxtead, so I want to deal with it. First off- these people exaggerate, lie, and deceive all the time and other than talk trash about others efforts- they don’t really do anything. And most of the people they trash are working […]

Taking Hoaxtead’s Cue Exposing Cathy O’Brien As the Fake She Is

So yeah- I have taken a cue from Hoaxtead Research and have joined them in exposing Cathy O’Brien as the fraud I know she is. And since she is so connected to Rosanne Barr- who lives on fucking Twitter- I have decided to press the issue with her since O’Brien won’t return any of my […]

Regarding Charles Manson…

Speaking of letters- I would have SO LIKED to have been a fly on the wall when Manson received my book and letter in which I told him that I KNEW John Brandeis and I KNEW he was HEAVILY INVOLVED with the whole MKUltra shit- and I knew that John Brandeis lived RIGHT ACROSS THE […]

My Step Mother Joanne C. Shurter- Should Have NEVER Sold that House

Because I don’t think that the woman who bought the house really appreciated the letter I sent her telling her that there were the bodies of murdered children 4 ft from her head at night in the walls of her bedroom closet. No, something tells me she did not like that little bit of information […]