My Stance on Donald Trump Today

Look-for all you buttwipes arguing with me about the Trump/Epstein connection. You are NOT doing yourselves any favors denying that Trump was involved with Epstein because by TRUMP’S OWN ADMISSION- he has been to Epstein’s parties- knows him enough to say he is a great guy- and he ALSO knew Epstein was a pedophile- remarking that he likes his girls a little young but that he was still a great guy. So this weird FLIGHT LOG bullshit you want to bring up constantly only makes you look deceptive.

The thing is- I am starting to wonder if Trump isn’t going to help mankind return to it’s humanity- because I am not so sure we aren’t going to see- up front and center- is a MAN FINDING REDEMPTION. And for that to happen- his darkness MUST be known- as ALL OF OUR PERSONAL DARKNESS must be exposed for US to find redemption.

So you denying his darkness and trying to present him as something he is not DIMINISHES this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL event. He has flaws- we all do. And yeah- some of his are DARK- AS ARE OURS. He is a man- with failings- who is actually changing before our eyes because of the grace that Heaven has bestowed upon him- and I am going to FIGHT for that. Thus- I am STILL GOING TO POINT OUT HIS FLAWS-because who he is allowing himself to become- in the FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE- is nothing short of a miracle- and in the end his flaws will be a good comparison to what a man can do- DESPITE HIS DARKNESS.

So take your bullshit glorification and shove it- okay?

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