With Regards to Hoaxtead Research’s Allegations

So how was me going to the Nebraska State Patrol and having to demand that Det. John Pankonin take my DNA and look into my family seeking attention? And I don’t remember asking Pankonin to send his sister Tru and her best friend Teri into mine and my sister’s lives to gather dirt on us. Which, of course, they got NONE.

Are you really trying to claim that everything I have had to do in the last decade to get this investigated has been fun? You think this is FUN do you? And I would have had to do NONE of it had Pankonin JUST DONE HIS DAMN JOB.

And I get attention EVERYWHERE I GO. People LIKE me out in public- and they go out of their way to ENGAGE WITH ME all the time. So I CERTAINLY don’t need the internet to get attention

And this argument you are all engaging in today on your site that everyone who is trying to get this pedophile rape shit looked at are only doing so because of their OWN sick child rape fantasies is STUPID.

Since Col. Micheal Aquino has been running on this platform for 30+ years and has gotten NO WHERE with it, I would THINK that should tell you something.

So, it is your contention that everyone who is looking into pedophile rape trafficking- and you all have no more idea what that number is any more than I do- can ALL be classified as pedophiles because of their interest to investigate and STOP this shit?

THAT is your argument? Over generalizing a MASS group of people by calling them pedophiles because of their research in trying to understand and stop this?

Because that “argument” is deluded. Not to mention pathetic.

And you can post shit from my blog onto yours all day long- BUT I STILL HAVE YET TO SEE ANY OF YOU ANSWER MY THREE QUESTIONS.

OH, and I am not just going to appear at your side if you mention my name- which is why- in the Harry Potter books, Valdemort was called the same thing you are now all calling me- He Who Must Not Be Named. But then people as SMART as all of you probably already know this- which should tell people the reason why you won’t use my name is because you don’t want people reading what I am saying.

I would say it was clever- but considering it is so blatantly obvious- I can’t because it’s NOT.

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