Jerry Sandusky’s Son Being Arrested is NOT What You Think

Yeah they busted him- and that is supposed to give you all hope.

BUT-chances are- they are afraid that he knew what his dad was doing with that Second Mile High child’s foundation where he was selling children to the rich.

Or do you all REALLY believe Jerry Sandusky is behind prosecuting attorny Ray Gricar’s disappearce four years before Penn State got exposed- while investigating WHAT WE FOUND OUT FOUR YEARS LATER WAS THE TRUTH.

They arrested Jerry Sandusky’s son- not because he is a pedophile- but because they want to shut this situation down.

So what DOES Jerry Sandusky and his son know about Ray Gricar’s disappearance? THAT is the question that interests me…

And isn’t the Mile High club referring to fucking in a plane in flight? So what the fuck is a SECOND Mile High club?

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