The Distinction Between Satanism and Luciferianism

I think it is appropriate at this time to distinguish between these two thought processes- since they are not the same thing as some people may believe.

Anton LaVey – who headed up The Church of Satan, was a Satanist. Organizing his sect in the 60’s, his idea was to mock Christianity and God as a whole. Generally designed as a social experiment- LaVey often performed “mock” rituals that somewhat mirrored Catholicism, claiming he was an atheist all the while he was doing it.

Luciferianism however is much different. Col. Michael Aquino was a student and partner of LaVey until he broke away from the Church of Satan and formed his own group- Temple of Set. The difference between the two is that whereas Satanism is designed to mock God- Luciferians believe in the anti-Christ and a Milton “Paradise Lost” version of a war with Heaven- although they are under the false impression that they will win. Where Satanism is designed to mock- Luciferians believe in the rituals that they perform- they believe in demons, and they believe that they will take over the world when the anti-Christ is in power.

Contrary to popular belief- the world is not overrun with Satanists but rather, the people in control are more of the Luciferian mindset. Working towards world domination and complete control of the masses is much more detailed in the Luciferian mindset- as those who believe in the upcoming Son of Satan are doing their best to make the world ripe for him to take control of it. Aquino is NOT a Satanist but rather a Luciferian- as the children that he has slaughtered are designed to manifest an energy that the anti-Christ can use. Whereas Satanists mock- Luciferians are quite literal on the rites they perform, and there is ALWAYS human- generally child- sacrifices involved.

In my travels, I hear a lot about “lizard beings” from outer space taking over- but there were NO aliens involved in neither my training nor any of the rites I was forced to perform. What we are battling is not from outer space- but rather is from within- in the form of demons and negative energy. This whole “aliens from outer space” has been used, esp. by Aquino- to dismiss his involvement in hurting children- and his belief in demons, hell, and the anti-Christ. Equating his practices with some strange involvement with space aliens, his hopes are that society will dismiss his actions as nothing more than craziness. Thus far, unfortunately- it has worked.

Also, the Bohemian Grove, is not filled with a group of Satanists but rather Luciferians. Their mock ritual with a child effigy is a blatant act to dismiss their involvement in real life child sacrifices during the off seasons when there are just a handful of people on the grounds. But be assured- the rituals and sacrifices that are performed by Luciferians are very detailed and taken incredibly serious. Based on astrology- numerology- and ancient rites, this group is doing their best to bring the world to the brink of destruction in order to fulfill their hopes that when the anti-Christ does take over- it will guarantee their place at the head of Satan’s table, thus assuring them of their continued power and control over the world.

Today- as we are astrologically in the time of Ophiuchus, is the purported time of this uprising. The heart of Ophiuchus is believed to be where the gates of Heaven resides- which is why mankind is seeing this flurried activity of not only Satanists but also Lucierianism. This is why idiots like Doug Mesner, aka Lucien Greaves- are pushing the Satanist agenda so hard in the courts and the media. This is meant as a distraction to keep people from seeing what is really going on with population control and the direction of mankind as a whole. If you follow that clown- their hopes are that no one will put together the very real agenda of a Luciferian take over. What we are fighting are not aliens from outer space- but rather demons and a very real belief by our most powerful that these beings will help our rich and powerful keep what they have struggled so hard to steal throughout the years.

So as you are celebrating Halloween this years- just rest assured that there is a concerted effort to bring hell on Earth to every man, woman, and child. Looking around- honestly- with open eyes- anyone can see that they are very close to this now- and in the end- those who stand on the sidelines will be removed as Heaven rises up to claim what has always been, and always will be, God’s domain.

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