Yes, the Ring of Fire is real, and It Seems to be Heating Up

In the past few days, I have been amazed and disheartened about how many people don’t believe the Ring of Fire is real, or that it is just a line from a Johnny Cash song. The ignorance in this country is just appalling.

I have actually been told that the fact that Nepal has just had a huge earthquake, 7 volcanoes exploded within hours of each other, and the land mass that has formed off of Japan are just apocalyptic conspiracies fueled by the media. Of course- much of this is NOT being reported in the news. Nor is the fact that the super volcano in California, named the Long Valley Caldera volcano- has had over 3 dozen earthquakes in the past 24 hours. People are under this misconception that the only super volcano is in Yellow Stone national park, but in fact there are 6 worldwide- 3 of which reside in the United States. I know, I know- this isn’t written in the Bible so it obviously must not be true, but science says otherwise.

I believe that the Walmarts closing down south, and the Jade Helm martial law exercises that are also happening down south, may not be an evil plot by Obama and our government but rather an attempt to prepare for what they believe could happen as a result of the Ring of Fire heating up. If our government was just going to take over with martial law- why wouldn’t there be activity in the North as well? Why is it only focused on the South? Of course- if we had a natural disaster which trashed the North- this could explain why they are getting ready for disasters in the South, since everyone would have to leave the North and flee to the South.

For those of you who would like to educate yourselves on the Long Valley Caldero super volcano- you can go to the USGS website and read the info for yourself. Since this is NOT in the news, no one can say that it is just a false flag being pushed by our media.

Science teaches us that when the tectonic plates move in one area, they also move in others. So this earthquake that just happened in Nepal, due to the plates shifting, could most like happen in other areas as well. That is how the Earth works. The government, Obama, and the rich don’t have ANYTHING to do with it, and thinking that they are the only ones who can hurt mankind is folly.

As far as I can tell, the LA Times are the only ones reporting America could have such a problem. They are suggesting that California could be in store for a Nepal like earthquake soon. Of course, many in America think we are impervious to natural disasters as far as I can tell. However, some would disagree.

Some would suggest that man can’t possibly know if something like this could occur- but it seems that experts KNEW that the tragedy in Nepal was coming.

So maybe, just maybe- all of this preparation with the Walmart’s closing and the Jade Helm exercises are not some evil plot to take over America by the Illuminati- which MANY people are prone to believe, but rather an attempt to try and save American’s from an impending disaster. A disaster that scientific experts are sure is GONG to happen. But hell- what do they know?

As far as this being a media fueled conspiracy- it is telling that the media isn’t reporting ANYTHING about all of this. In fact- the biggest story right now is about Bruce Jenner. This is being kept quiet- but with a little bit of research, and letting go of our ignorance, this information IS available. You just have to look for it.

The Ring of Fire is heating up. The Earth is shifting and changing. And mankind, no matter how powerful we have convinced ourselves we are, will find ourselves at the mercy of these changes. The sad part about it is that no one cares, or even believes, in the science connected with this. It isn’t from stupidity but rather from ignorance. We CHOOSE not to know. But contrary to what we believe, our ignorance will not save us, any more than the people in Nepal were saved.

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