Using What I Was Taught in the MKUltra Program

The MKUltra program is often considered a mind control experiment, where by assassins, human sex toys, and the like are programed. For me it was something different. I was “opened up” psychically, and much of my training as a child was focused on “remote viewing”, where I was taught I could mentally go to any place at any point in history and “see” what happened. Not only that, but I was taught I could influence events simply by concentrating on them. Whether or not this works is something I have never doubted, as I have, through my experiences, always believed that it was possible.

I speak about being possessed in my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”, and helping that being cross over to be accepted by God. Dreaming of being possessed by a demon three consecutive days before my father died, and having no idea he was actually dying, this being “entered” me on in my 39th year of life. I ended up having a shamanic extractment that next evening, all of which I detailed in my book. All I can say about the experience is that it was very real to me, and although I was not sure if it was just because I was taught that it was going to happen as a kid that it was going to happen or not, I couldn’t, for the longest time, say for certain. All I can say is what I experienced, and what I did as a result.

The night before I turned 40 was a game changer for me. I wrote about waking up 5 times that night scared out of my mind from a dream I couldn’t remember. Finally I fell asleep with the intention of waking up in my dream. I found myself in the middle of a pentagram as a coven was trying to get me away from my body so that Uriel could take over, unaware of what I had done previously in that year. That morning I did a shamanic journey to check on Uriel, to see where he was. I found him trapped- bound by the very souls that had been sacrificed to him. After asking him to release those who had been murdered as a tribute to him, I saw a blinding light explode out of him and three gates open, where the “new Earth” could be seen in the distance, and a countless amount of souls appeared- gravitating towards those gates. Again- was this real or not I couldn’t prove one way or another. When I came back, the person who had did the drumming for me asked me where I had gone, as they had never heard their drum sound the way it did as they did the drumming. Was this proof of the validity of what I experienced? It was for me.

Later on, a few days before the tsunami in Indonesia, I did another journey where I found myself in a temple/palace where I believe my family resides on the other side. I was taken to a terrace by my dead sister, and when I went out on it- I saw millions of souls down below- who were cheering for me. Overwhelmed by the experience, I returned to myself and ended the journey. However, a few days later, after the tsunami hit, I decided to go back to ask for help in saving those who had died in the disaster. Suddenly I found myself in a huge cloud of souls who washed over the area like another huge wave, and I saw the dead transformed into light and rising up as stars into Heaven. It was one of the most beautiful and most profound journeys I have ever had. For a few weeks later, I was depressed as I really wanted to be one of those who went to Heaven, and didn’t understand why I couldn’t have been one of those souls and why I was stuck here. Later I realized that I could go back and forth at will, and that I was not really stuck here at all.

After the experience with Uriel, I spent the next year and a half going on constant shamanic journeys to find the “fallen” in order to help them back to God. I ascertained that the only way to combat those who had gained favor with these beings was to take away those who had supplied them with their power in the first place. Never once did God fail to lovingly receive those who many would call “demons”, and I was told that they had been doing the work of Heaven all along. Mankind was to be tested, and they were the ones who were in charge of that. However, I guess we reached a point where this work was done- and God and Heaven joyfully allowed all those beings to return back to Heaven.

I have taken some slack talking about this before from Christians who are hell bent in believing that there is some sort of “lake of fire” where Heaven planned to throw all of those who had gone against God in the past, but I feel this is not true. In all my shamanic work- never have I found such a place, and I have found God to be loving and compassionate- and totally forgiving. It is my contention that God is going to wait for the end of eternity for EVERY ONE of his flock to return- as such is the love God has for each and every one of us.
At one point in time, a few years back, I did a journey where I found myself in front of a cave, populated by the most powerful and incredible beings In Heaven. I was given a round disk and asked to break it, and so I did. Directly after I was told that a man was required to break one of the “seals” of Heaven. It was during this experience that I realized that the “Tribulation” was indeed happening, and that mankind was at the brink of an amazing, albeit terrifying, time in history. Again, was this real? I can’t prove it, but I believe it without a doubt.

I have been told that my shamanic practice is nothing more than witchcraft, and that I am acting as a puppet in some sort of satanic episode that I was programmed for as a child. To this I full heartedly scoff, as everything I have ever experienced on “the other side” has been nothing but filled with Love and Grace. Yes, I was taught these abilities as a child in the darkest of circumstances, but what we do with what we are taught is our choice- and I had come to the conclusion long ago that I was only going to focus on the Will of Heaven. Thus I have done what I can to facilitate that.

The Tribulation is NOT a time where Jesus is going to break from the fifth dimension to save us from what we are going through now- but rather a time where Heaven is going to bring us all back into the face of God. And trust me when I say that God, Heaven, and all the souls that reside there are real. I have interacted with this side on more occasions than I can recount, and I feel that all of Heaven is here with us now.

In the past few weeks, I have journeyed to the other side to ask everyone for help. One in particular, I went to the father, who resides in the light, the mother, who resides in the dark (which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Hell), the angels I helped cross over, and the souls who herald me on the terrace, (who have grown exponentially in numbers), and the angels who never fell- to ask them for help in these troubled days. Everyone I asked agreed to join in. It has been my experience that I have never been denied anything I have asked from Heaven, and I do not believe this is going to be the case now. It is my belief that we are in a time of miracles. And Heaven is behind all of those miracles.

You don’t have to believe me, and there are those of you who will undoubtedly claim that I am crazy, but it won’t change the truth. I was taught to do what I have done, and I have done it with a willing heart. Those who’s evil has persevered for so long are about to be contained, and the influence and power that they have held over the world for so long is coming to an end. There is nothing they can do to stop this- as no one is strong enough to fight the will of Heaven. I was taught as a child that life is energy and that this energy could be manipulated with the mind and will. What I learned later on is that what can truly direct this is the HEART. I have never doubted this- as I have seen it work time and time again. So I used what I was taught to try and enact the change that has been needed to heal the heart of man. The will of Heaven can be found in other places than just a book- as the Love that Jesus Christ spoke about- for God and our fellow man, flows around, thru, and in us constantly. This grace can be interacted with at any moment- as well as every moment- if we chose to do so. I have chosen to do just that.

I am going to continue with what I am doing, regardless of how evil some may think it is. “Satan” is not controlling or tricking me, nor am I controlled by those who taught me to do what I am able as a child. It took me years to realize that what I had been given was a gift from Heaven, and that I could use it to encourage love to change the world in which we live. Have no doubt however that I have been more than harsh to some who I feel deserve it. Heaven is not always kind, and thus neither am I. Those who go against the flow will be dealt with harshly, as I asked those who were controlled for so long to deal with those who manipulated them in the first place. They, having no love in their hearts for anyone but for themselves will be dealt a punishment that they will not be able to escape. This I have asked for, and have been assured that it will come to be so.

I just felt it was time to come clean, and to tell the truth as to what I have been doing so that people could know. I experienced what I did for a reason, and was taught to open myself up in a way that allowed me to influence Heaven and Earth in a way that many can’t, or won’t, understand. I am not responsible for any of this, nor will I take responsibility. All I know for certain is that what I was taught works- and that I have a choice on how to use what I was given. It may sound crazy to those who didn’t go through the training I did, and there are those who will say I am evil for using what I was taught, but none of these opinions are going to sway me from practicing what I know. I love God, I love all of Heaven, and I love mankind- but things cannot keep going the way they have- and it is about time that we, as a whole, learn this. As it is above- so shall it be below- and more than that- it is time. I am just dedicated to helping bring about this change. And so I am going to do everything I can to do so.

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