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It’s funny, Decamp in his updated Franklin book plays the victim in the destruction of Oklahoma City evidence, but, quite frankly, he IS the one who allowed the evidence to be destroyed! Painting a clearer picture of the Phoenix program (and it’s connection to much of America’s “serial murders”) will greatly help expose not only […]

An Explanation about My Anger

I have been accused of being angry- in fact, that is the main argument that is being used in my online character assassination- as recently as yesterday when some anonymous “Sara” gave me psychological advice while leaving me a terrible review on Amazon- again more about my character than the book itself- and the fact […]

New Edition of Rabbit Hole coming out…

I took Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story down off Amazon in order to remove the info about the NATRC- which I have come to the conclusion is pretty dysfunctional and unsafe for survivors, and have decided to add MUCH MORE about the Johnny Gosch case to the book- so those of you […]

Coming Clean About Franklin Credit and the Johnny Gosch Issues That I Have

A New Posting on by Noreen Gosch aka Luke

ADDRESSING RUMORS Noreen Gosch: RUMORS: There are a few rumors floating around started by various people. I just want to let the people on Franklin Files know they are false: 1. Johnny was kidnapped by aliens in a space ship. – NO THIS IS NOT TRUE… GOOD LORD 2. Johnny is not Noreen’s son. – […]

The Media Blitz of Abducted Boy Johnny Gosch : How John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch Have Hijacked Control of the Franklin Credit Scandal

I realize this article is going to get a lot of feedback from the group of survivor advocates who are under the spell of attorney John DeCamp and the mother of an abducted child, Noreen Gosch- as in some arenas these two are viewed as American heros- but never being interested in “group think”, I […]

A Message to the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet

I read where you gave millions to children’s charities as of late. I just wanted to tell you that the same principles of this game refer to you as well- and that is Come Clean or Be Claimed. No one will believe that you didn’t know what was going on in Omaha at a time […]

My Interview with Clay Douglas