An Explanation about My Anger

I have been accused of being angry- in fact, that is the main argument that is being used in my online character assassination- as recently as yesterday when some anonymous “Sara” gave me psychological advice while leaving me a terrible review on Amazon- again more about my character than the book itself- and the fact that she thinks I am horrible being angry with Noreen Gosch. I guess now is the time to say- yeah- I am pretty frustrated and it borders on rage at times- but let me explain why, so that perhaps you might understand where I am coming from with all of this.

There is a great deal of motivation to keep what I am saying quiet- because if it came out in mass- people would actually realize what was really going on here in Omaha- and they might wake up to the whole problem we have with the American society in the fact that we MUST stop dismissing the “indiscretions” of the rich just because all of us want to BE rich. In this conquest to expose what really happened here in Omaha, I have not only had to deal with a concerted effort on the other side to intimidate and silence me- even having one of my booksellers getting a threatening three o’clock visit from someone to scare him from carrying my book, but I have found the survivor side to be enmeshed in this weird unquestionable loyalty to those who I believe have been instrumental in covering up and distorting the real truth from coming out- such as John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch.

To me- it is brilliant. Franklin is wrapped up in a group of people that, because of social morays, are beyond reproach simply because of their titles in this. Take Noreen Gosch for example. It is just not good manners to speak about a woman who lost her son- and she even has websites glorifying her efforts- however, she DIDN’T live in Omaha- nor does she now- and yet she speaks like she is an authority. However, my sister, who complained about Noreen calling her a liar because she has the phone records showing the fact that Noreen was driving her crazy with late night phone calls, pointed out something that is, I believe, key in all of this. THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR MURDER. And if her family WAS involved in the disappearance of their son- as she has told me, giving me her ex-husbands physical address in the process- knowing that I was going to write a letter confronting him (of which I have the original hand written copy), then there is much more to the story than she would like to come out. The ONLY proof the woman has that the guy is still alive is because of stories from Paul Bonnaci- who willingly inserted himself into this 30 years ago when Franklin Credit was heavy in the news.

I have already detailed my problems with Paul’s selective amnesia when it comes to his own hometown that he has lived in all of his life- but what really concerns me is John DeCamp- who brings this whole group together, associating it with Franklin Credit. This is a man who was instrumental in the investigations in Omaha- and yet- how is it that he was unaware of what was really going on here? My contention is that there is no way he could not have known the truth- and the truth is that his history in the past 30 years is to associate with any case that he believes could actually be a gravy train for him. Harsh- but he was heavily involved with Franklin, then he got involved enough with the Columbine case to send 8 boxes of info with Mark Taylor’s mother back to Colorado with her. I know this for a fact because those boxes were in my house and I was able to physically sort through what would have taken a normal individual at least a year to read through and decipher because there was so much info in those boxes.

Now DeCamp is telling people that he figured out the whole situation with Penn State ten years ago. In my opinion- it is a strange attempt to tie Franklin and Johnny Gosch to Penn State in order to discredit the fact that Sandusky was doing the same thing with his foundation that was happening in Omaha in the 80’s with basically the same people that were involved before, by associating it with things that have ALREADY been deemed a conspiracy theory for the most part in people’s minds, (Which is a major irritation for me to be quite honest). There was a major spin on Franklin in the 80’s to cover it up- and it has worked brilliantly for three decades now- so why is it illogical that a spin wouldn’t be tried on Penn State to cover it up, since it is a grandchild of situations here in Omaha? And since this situation with Franklin has presented itself in such a way to try and associate itself with the events of Penn State by way of John DeCamp- why wouldn’t/couldn’t it be held to be questionable- esp. considering the history?

Media wise- there have been NUMBEROUS articles going on and on about Nick Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal- trying to push the same old story that has kept this situation quiet for the last thirty years. Here is a man from New York, who came to Omaha and spoke to ALL THE SAME PEOPLE, spent 6 years traveling to the area (but never living here), now claiming that he is THE authority on Franklin and what happened in Omaha- and yet- there are MAJOR details kept from his tale- just like last time. Last time the False Memory Foundation was used to discredit the claims of the victims, but this time- after what American society has dealt with regarding the Catholic Church conspiracies of pedophiles being hidden in the church and the conspiracies of silence that surrounded Sandusky due to the money that would have been lost had the truth come out years before- it is pretty hard to claim that all of those were victims of multiple personality disorders inspired by Sybil as Debbie Nathan suggests in her book Sybil Exposed regarding our nations history with “satanic panic”. Of course- considering that this conspiracy of women who were being convinced that they had multiple personality disorders by their therapists in order to take some day cares down happened BEFORE the internet- one wonders exactly who was powerful enough and connected enough to cause such a “carefully crafted hoax”. It has never been explained- not even by Bryant- who is the authority on Omaha I guess.

One thing that is somewhat insidious about the American media is that most of the time- when it wants to spin a story- it does it in small, constant increments. A belief I was taught by my handler as a child is that if you tell a lie long enough and strong enough- the lie will become the truth itself. It is a matter of controlling perception- which I assure you our leaders have become very adept at controlling. However, that can’t happen if someone who KNOWS the truth keeps talking about the truth. Often the truth NEEDS to be fought for, despite what the majority thinks of it. I think that the official story being promoted about Franklin is a spin- and because of that belief- I have to also believe that it is being revived and re-spun for a reason, and that reason could be associated with this whole push to enmesh Franklin with Penn State in the media.

My anger is basically because I have been attacked over and over because of this belief- in ways that would infuriate anyone if they were in my shoes. I know we live in a politically correct society where righteous anger is viewed as mentally unbalanced- but let me be clear. In this situation- I have been robbed of both parents- my older sister was murdered- not to mention one of my dearest friends- and all to keep all of this quiet. I have been called a pedophile- a liar- crazy- angry- unstable- and yet NOT ONCE have the FACTS THAT I HAVE PRESENTED been dealt with. It is all about character attack- and that is frustrating. I am not angry just about that- but people have to realize how much I believe to be on the line here! The child trafficking that I experienced in Omaha all my life didn’t go away but instead grew in complexity- and it is this that I am trying to stop. There are STILL victims to this, and they are going through even worse things than some of us went through- and this denial to question logically the situations that I am talking about and ignorantly and blindly follow the people who I believe are instrumental in helping to cover all of this is enough to drive me batty sometimes.

That is why I have decided to take a break for a bit. I am in the process of re-writing some of my book and adding more to the story- and so that is going to take some time and I need it to reevaluate my place in all of this. There HAS to be more to life than all of this chaos- and I am only one man. Even “Sara” on Amazon called me brilliant- so why it is so hard for people to at least consider what I am saying is beyond me- and I am tired of the emotional roller-coaster that has presented itself with all of this.

As far as the NATRC- I am no longer affiliated with the group and that is one of the things I am removing from my book. I do not wish to go into detail over the fall out- except that I will say that in my estimation in the past two years we have done everything we can to establish rules to disenfranchise and ban anyone who disagreed with the group- and, going against my nature, I feel that it is best that I part ways with such a power play. It is my contention that there SHOULDN’T be just one leader in this movement but rather a concerted effort of leaders who are helping promote each other to expose this mess, and not only is it not just about me- but it is about ALL OF US STANDING TOGETHER. In my estimation- todays survivors don’t know how to stand together- and that some of the leaders- esp. in other countries such as Canada, are complete opportunists looking to profit any way they can by spouting such things as they were “note takers” for the cult (which is ridiculous because anyone other than the adults doing such a thing would have been murdered- logically) and “fed grapes to the cult leaders like they did in Roman days”, stories that NO REAL SURVIVOR is going to connect too. This has probably been the straw that broke everything for me- because the survivor side is just as destructive as the side that is trying to cover all of this up- and both are just as disillusioned by their own ability to control the truth from really coming out.

Anyway- I have heard the claim that I am angry- and I just wanted to say, long story short, that I agree and that there are definite choices I must make with all of this in order to change it. Thanks for listening…

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