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It’s funny, Decamp in his updated Franklin book plays the victim in the destruction of Oklahoma City evidence, but, quite frankly, he IS the one who allowed the evidence to be destroyed! Painting a clearer picture of the Phoenix program (and it’s connection to much of America’s “serial murders”) will greatly help expose not only DeCamp, but Bob Kerrey, Michael Aquion, John Kerrey, George Bush, William Colby, and quite a few others. The book I share sometimes – “Programmed to Kill” by Dave McGowan (really the father of this new, disjointed truth movement) goes a long ways towards explaining some of these things.

i actually bought Programmed to Kill and am going to start reading it this week. I wanted to show this comment on my blog- first because I was unaware of what was presented about John DeCamp and the Oklahoma City bombing- as I have an older version of his book- but also to point out what I am saying about how connected Mr. DeCamp is to all of the most controversial cases in America.

The problem is, most of us are merely preaching to the choir, so to speak, and mainstream America needs clear, brief, sensational sound/video bytes from what they consider to be a reputable source to actually plant the seeds in their heads. Unfortunately, the only ones with the funding and exposure to do this are liars like Alex Jones who are only leading a majority of the choir farther into fantasy land which further discredits those who understand and seek the truth. A lot of good detective work by people like you and I is going nowhere because the “choir” is looking in the wrong direction and mainstream America is convinced we are paranoid lunatics or gullible idiots.

i know exactly how this person feels- as when I speak about things often people’s eyes start to glaze over after awhile and I have found it difficult to explain in any cohesive way verbally- which is why I wrote Rabbit Hole and have this blog. However- the sound byte thing is exactly what I was saying last night- it MUST be introduced but to do so is going to take a LOT of time and effort.

We need to find a way to link up and then force our information in an eye catching fashion (with simple, undisputable facts which contradict popular beliefs) on those who aren’t interested/aware/believing in this sort of thing. However, those who might care are so wrapped up in the lie of partisan politics that they can’t separate themselves and consider the even stranger reality of what is really going on (and has been). Also, some of us like to argue with those who disagree (part of our mass mind conditioning – and possibly human nature), which only helps reinforce the divide. It may be a lost cause, but there ARE simple historical truths (opposing nations in centuries of European warfare were all led by monarchs who were related to each other, for example) which make the logic of what we are saying irrefutable. Unfortunately, most people want to either blame it on Leftists/Rightists or simply yawn and go back to watching TV. I’m every bit as frustrated as you (and so are more than a few others), but we are under attack from the powers that be as well as people like Alex Jones and Ron Paul from within our own movement. David had a much easier time with Goliath than we will have with this – unless we really get super powers after the 2012 Winter Solstice, lol – but I’m not holding my breath……………..

I don’t think we are going to get super powers- but I do think that if we all keep working at this in some concerted effort- we could very well expose the “man behind the curtain”, and in the process show that the other side is ALSO without super powers. I know for a fact that the other side understands human nature quite well- which is why it has been easy for people working to expose this to be induced into fighting- because that is what the other side is best at- making people fight. However- the internet has made it MUCH easier to be heard in some strange ways- and so I believe that the whole dynamics of this fight is quickly changing- and we might see people wake up to all of this sooner than we think…

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