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Noreen Gosch:

There are a few rumors floating around started by various people. I just want to let the people on Franklin Files know they are false:

1. Johnny was kidnapped by aliens in a space ship. – NO THIS IS NOT TRUE… GOOD LORD

2. Johnny is not Noreen’s son. – NOT TRUE …… JOHNNY IS DEFINITELY NOREEN’S SON


If I hear more rumors, I will correct them as time goes on.


how about addressing what I wrote on my blog?

I got the 20/20 rumor in here actually- from reading the conversation between Iowagurl and rbeck.

Noreen Gosch

I am not interested in your blog….

There is no 20/20 show being planned… LOL

ME Thats fine. Your one of the few….

Thanks for at least being cordial this time.

Canter: I remember the chat with rbeck, iowagurl and lulu. It was shortly after Lukej made the post that there is new evidence, etc, etc. In the chat, statements were made and a short discussion of a tv movie being made and a new 20/20 special. I guess mods get wrong info also.


lol- there is always new evidence coming forth. Even after thirty years…

Of course what that info is is a question…


Yes the information about a 20/20 movie is false. Don’t know where things like that get started

but never the less … it is incorrect.

Thanks for your comment.

Noreen Gosch: David,

Not interested inany of your information or blogs.

ME: lol Luke- that goes without saying.

At least you didn’t go on a rant at the last one, like all the others.

But as you see- I am not the one who started any rumors. I am just the one dealing with them…

IOWAGURL Hello, it is not suprising that if that discussion took place I do not remember it. Anyway, Lukes comments were that it was a rumor so there you have it…no 20/20. Guess maybe we caught wind of the rumor too. I do not recall the conversation so have no way of even knowing WHEN it took place.

I do know this, I never post anything regarding Johnny without first taking it to Noreen, it is a little thing I call respect for the family of victims, they are, in my opinion; victims too.

IOWAGURL Canter and David. I have reviewed the chat clear back to April. I do not see the exchange between Lulu Rbeck and myself. But as I said, it does not matter, Luke as spokesman for the Johnny Gosch Foundation has said it is a rumor.

LULU I don’t remember the conversation either, but then again, I don’t remember much. However, I do have to ask Luke… Are you sure about item number one on your original post? I am just positive I have seen the alien abduction reenacted on 20/20 AND in a movie while I enjoyed a delicious bowl of popcorn.

NOREEN GOSCH LULU, 20/20 never did any reenactment of any alien scene concerning Johnny. In 1984, 20/20 did a series of pieces on Johnny and then included Eugene Martin when he was kidnapped in August of that year. There were several more episodes shown in years following. In fact the producer was in town filming Johnny’s story the weekend Eugene Martin was kidnapped. So she jumped right in to the police department and grabbed an interview with the acting police chief at the time, so that went on the network news immediately for Eugene Martin. Good thing she was here at the time, it helped put pressure on the FBI to bring in agents from other parts of the country. FBI refused to enter Johnny’s case because “the police chief did not want their help”. It was a lame excuse.

Then in 1997, 20/20 began filming again and did so for several years building a one hour special on Johnny. However, the producer was able to get on film, some very compelling interviews…somehow Frank Snepp/ former CIA agent was pulled into it by the producer… he managed to put the project on hold indefinitely. Other TV shows within ABC have tried to buy it from 20/20 but they will not sell it. So they have kept it locked up for some time. In 1999, a show called Vanished under the ABC umbrella tried to buy it and 20/20 refused, it amounted to quite an argument one day among the Senior producers, Noreen was in New York and attended the meeting.

Perhaps that is what people were thinking of concerning some kind of 20/20 film release for the 30th anniversary. I just went on the forum to correct the rumors which were floating around in addtion to this 20/20 issue, as they were brought up again during the 30th anniversary. None of what I wrote required the snotty remarks from David S. again but he just can’t help himself and runs off at the mouth when ever he feels like it. Or should I say “runs off at the keyboard”. Oh well it gives him something to do. I don’t take him too seriously.

Hope that answered any questions about the alien rumor …


IG, thank you for taking time to go through all the chat … I know that is tedius and takes time. I responded to LuLu about the alien rumor which surfaced again too. Hope it clears it all up for anyone who had a question. Amazing how things get started but oh well it is entertaining for some, I guess.

I also commented about the fact my response was to clear up the rumors, it did not require David S to . post the snotty remarks again….. when will he be banned for such behavior. He seems to run rampant on this website when ever he decides to just “go off in his rants”. No one really cares what he has to say but why is it allowed here? He does need to grow up and stop playing games. There are people on this site who really do care about what is happening to innocent children and work very hard in their communities to make a difference.

Iowa had 32 abduction attempts since the third week in June till now. Mostly in small towns with a couple in Des Moines, The very same thing is taking place in Illinois..again small towns but almost as many abduction attempts within the same time frame. We all know why it is happening and so do the police in both states.

Thanks again IG.


Do I need to repost some of the things that you have said to me Noreen? I wasn’t snotty- and I certainly didn’t say anything deragatory about your mental health or your spiritual practices. You have blatently attacked me on here over and over- and NOW you want to play victim? I, like I promised Iowagurl- won’t be rude but I am going to be forthright- and since I recieved a few emails from our conversation in here- I am thinking that you just dont want your opinion about me to be that well known.

People are beginning to listen to me- and they are starting to believe what I have been saying because it makes more sense than the official version. I never said anything about alien abductions or such- but then- that would be a technique learned from Michael Aquino- who says the same things are being said about him.

No- my concerns are much more to the point. You may not have an interest in reading my blog- but there are plenty of people who are- and they are all beginning to ask the same questions. The issue that I see it with you is that you don’t like to be questioned in any way shape or form. That won’t get you very far in life….


David, it is you who have attacked me and Noreen repeatedly. I have defended myself and Noreen, I have pointed out your mental condition, as the reason you do many things which are over the top. You have talked about your Shaman who gives you the info which you then spew forth, most of the information is not accuate. You brought it up in posts and on chat… No one would have known about the shaman if you hadn’t blabbed it.

Then you cry, wail …. victim… victim when someone calls you on it. You went so far as to accuse Noreen of kidnapping her own child and you don’t call that an attack??? That alone supports the mental condition aspect.

I have no interest in reading your blogs now or ever. Doug Millar has shared his belief that you have been programmed and are still being triggered by Michael Aquino and that is the cause of your behavior. He has urged you to get help with the problem. Doug has communicated all of this to Noreen some time ago. He believes this because he has been in close association with you, watched you in action and knows you still communicate with Aquino on a regular basis. Doug Millar is worried about you and your situation with Aquino, he wants to be of help to you. Listen to him.


That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I am NOT being controlled by Michael Aquino, and Doug- who just got a three year protection order on him by Aquino last month and just got arrested at the Bohemian Grove during the Cremation of Care weekend is no one to talk. You bring up the obscure stuff in order to deflect on me- NEVER ONCE TALKING ABOUT THE THINGS I HAVE SAID. Doug is just upset because my other half and all of my friends think he is trouble and I should steer clear of him, which is why I decided NOT TO LET HIM PRESENT at the human trafficking conference I am hosting. Doug is a trip- hasn’t really accomplished much- but hey- that is okay for those of us who ARE. Doug just doesn’t like the fact that I do NOT TRUST you or John DeCamp. That is his biggest problem with me- and honestly- it isn’t any of his concern. He wants us to all work together- and we ALL KNOW THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.

Noreen, you yourself told me that your ex husband John sold Johnny- or at least that is what you believe. That was said at the same time you gave me your exhusbands address so that I could send him a letter. I am not the only one who thinks that the story about your son is fishy to say the least.

You personally attack me over and over by mentioning my mental health (which is fine by the way)- and my shamanism- which is nothing major- but you use it like you just did with this post “Addressing rumors” when you bring up this baseless claims of alien abductions to steer away from the REAL things that I have presented about the facts of the case.

I am certainly not a victim- and I really dont care what your opinions of me are. The cool thing about it is that you cant HELP but respond to me- and I think it is funny. Always have to have the last word- which says more about your psychological well being that it does of mine.

Your main issue with me NOREEN AKA LUKE is that people are actually starting to stand up and listen to me- despite your accusations that I am crazy and a liar. (Which are some of the arguments against you if I am not mistaken). My arguments make sense- and all you can do is attack me because you have no response to the actual things I am saying.

And let me also point out that I am not the one whining about you getting thrown off of here. That would be you. So WHO is actually playing the victim here?

One last thing, just because you look ignorant when you talk about it. I do not have a “Shaman”, but instead am a practicing Shaman- who practices SHAMANISM. Shamanism is NOT where I get my info- but considering that you constantly defend Paul B.- I could see where you think you KNOW about mental health issues- being so close to the source. However- why don’t you explain EXACTLY where I am off base? Deal with what I have SAID- not with who you THINK I AM.


Noreen has never accused her exhusband of anything. People can draw their own conclusion about his actions. So if you heard accusations about him, they came from someone else.

I only stated what Doug Millar told us in a conversation about you a couple months ago. You just need to take the matter to him. Aside from that I have no interest in what you do or don’t do. However, you rise up periodically and begin attacks on Noreen. That is definitely bizarre behavior. Again, it is why Doug Millar feels as he does about the connection between you and Aquino. Doug was tuly concerned about you.

Meanwhile, when you have gained a little maturity, I am sure you will realize these attacks are nothing more than stupid. You need to save your energy and apply it to help yourself or try to help someone less fortunate.

I will continue to defend myself and Noreen when there is an attack of any kind.


I am not completely sure how an announcement to dispel rumors becomes a bashing of victims.

No disrespect David but a statement that Iowagurl made on Jul 22 “hit the nail on the head” (copied from chat)

Iowagurl: I have a friend, who is not a victim but nonetheless involved with the Franklin Scandal. This person explained to me a phenomenon that they have wittnessed among victims. The victims resent any other victim being the focus or receiving the “limelight” attention. Even though it is the darkest truth to have to have been involved in this scandal ALL the victims want to be the most important. I try to keep this in mind when making judgements on any victim behavior. Our focus as NON
Franklin Scandal victims should be unity and focus on bringing the truth to light, even if it is not the truth we thought we knew.

I completely agree with this statement.

There are thousands of people that have been victims, we all have our story and we have no right to discredit anyone else. David you have your experiences and you have zero right to discredit anyone else unless you lived and breathed with them every single hour of every day.

I am a victim, I have my story, I was “not” a so called true victim of the Franklin Scandal (and never said I was) and never would have connected the dots if Paul did not post on chat that “he was there” in reference to Faribault and then by looking at the flight records finding out they were in my area that one nightmare day (which opened up a very deep wound). 20 years of anonymous threatening phone calls based on the incident in Faribault. I would have never thought that in my childhood that paths crossed with others on this site (and wouldn’t have if they never would have posted a photo), then finding out their friend was a close friend of mine and taking day trips to Des Moines and Omaha. (and not saying they were part of Franklin but they were part of other things)

I have my nightmares, we all have our experiences and honestly I am getting tired of the go around bashing each other and trying to discredit others. (and I have been bashed plenty). I should just not return to the forum but I guess curiousity gets the best of me and looking for that last piece of the puzzle on “my story”.


lol- whatever Noreen. Again- you attack me personally and never with what I have said. Besides- if you ARE Luke and NOT Noreen- how would you know for sure what she did or not tell me? I mean- she was kind enough to give me her ex husbands address so again she MUST have had some idea what I was like- or does she just give strangers her ex husbands address at will? If so- he should probably be warned of this activity.

Canter- I somewhat agree with Iowagurl on what she posted- but the facts remain- the only RECOGNIZED people are the very ones who I personally believe are INVOLVED much more so than what they have said- which is what I have said over and over. The fact that I do not trust Noreen and feel like I have been lied to over and over throughout the years that we have known each other, (for example- I REALLY DO BELIEVE LUKE IS ACTUALLY NOREEN- BUT SHE IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO CLAIM HER OWN THOUGHTS AND THEREFORE USES ALIASES TO GET HER POINTS ACROSS), shouldn’t come as a surprise- and anyone who knows me will say that I have been pretty consistent in my dislike and mistrust for the woman.

I think it is interesting that no one is responsible for anything that they do in here. Noreen didnt tell me her ex sold Johnny- Iowagurl and rbeck say they never spoke about a 20/20 show- everyone is wrong about what they are saying and doing except for the people who run this site. That is kinda frustrating- but more telling than not.

Noreen- I told you- I am going to do my best to expose you as a fraud- and DeCamp as well. No one who meets me (besides you- but then you give me your ex’s personal info so even that is questionable) thinks I am crazy- which is why I am able to host a human trafficking seminar myself. And those who do meet me find what I have to say very informative and quite valuable. You are part of the spin on Omaha and one of the reasons why it has remained secret for thirty years now.

Canter- to address what you said- ANYONE who puts themselves out in the public as Noreen and DeCamp have done should expect questions to their story. I have lived and breathed Omaha’s crap all my life- and I know, from personal experience, that there is a lot of disinfo being distributed. Mainly from the Gosch camp- which is why I am going after them the way that I am. But of course those in here are going to focus on me rather than what I am saying- although NONE OF YOU, other than Noreen- have met up with me so none of you really know what you are talking about and are simply going on opinions of others. I HARDLY think that everyone who questions Noreen is out of their minds- in fact- I have met plenty of people who don’t believe the official story who are incredibly bright and well put together.

However Noreen- again- instead of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at me- why don’t you just deal with what I am saying and explain to people WHY i am wrong about the things I am saying instead of putting a personal spin on it and trying to convince people that I am just crazy and immature. While your at it- why don’t you explain why you have to go under the psyudomeum Luke rather than just letting people know that it is you personally attacking people?


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