The Media Blitz of Abducted Boy Johnny Gosch : How John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch Have Hijacked Control of the Franklin Credit Scandal

I realize this article is going to get a lot of feedback from the group of survivor advocates who are under the spell of attorney John DeCamp and the mother of an abducted child, Noreen Gosch- as in some arenas these two are viewed as American heros- but never being interested in “group think”, I must, judging from my own experiences, shed some light onto these two and try to explain my convictions of how the media is promoting these two in order to once again keep a lid on events concerning a failed savings and loan here in Omaha called Franklin Credit. Just to make it clear right off the bat- since I am used to Noreen aka Luke on personally attacking me (rather than attending to my arguments), I want to explain that I neither have gotten this info from my spiritual practice nor am I ranting because of some medication unbalance- but rather- I want to discuss this logically so that people can understand why I have the concerns that I do.

First, it is my contention that the media has focused on the Johnny Gosch case because it has been so effective in the past with dismissing Franklin by the simple weirdness of the story. None of it follows a logical path. Somehow an abduction that occurred in another state came to become the figurehead of the case surrounding the Franklin Credit Union, which by the details (provided by John DeCamp and Paul Bonnaci) would make sense- but since the whole case of Johnny Gosch makes NO sense- proves that it is part of the elaborate cover up that has been the history of the situation here in Omaha, Nebraska. Let me explain.

Okay- so we have an abducted boy in West Des Moines, Iowa who was never investigated to be kidnapped but rather was viewed as a runaway by the police. Then John DeCamp- a lawyer from Lincoln Nebraska and a kid with serious psychological problems named Paul Bonnaci (poster child for the False Memory Foundation as the first victim of Multiple Personality Disorder- whose case was used to dismiss all the forthcoming claims of child abuse throughout the nation) come forward and claim Bonnaci was involved with the boys abduction and the whole circus starts. The biggest problem that I have with these two is that everyone who was TRYING to come forward ended up dead or in jail, yet these two- both who have lived in the area ALL THEIR LIVES, couldn’t tell you how things were working in Omaha, yet Bonnaci could give elaborate details about being in the Whitehouse, houses in Washington D.C., and tell about events that happened in the Bohemian Grove in CA. DeCamp- who has serious PR problems in Nebraska himself with concerns to his own personal activities and his career in general, was INSTRUMENTAL with the investigations that came with Franklin, and yet- not until I have come forward has anyone, until now, understood EXACTLY how things were going on here in Omaha. How this is possible is a question, unless there are ulterior motives concerning the information that was released to the public.

Now back to Noreen Gosch and the case of her abducted son. According to her book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” and her numerous media appearances, she has told the world that her son came back and visited her at 27 years old. A man that she “KNOWS” was her son- complete with stories of CIA involvement and government cover-ups, which seems strange enough all in of itself, but is further complicated when Noreen then goes forward and involves herself with the case of Jeff Gannon- a prostitute who was a “media correspondent” for the first Bush president despite the fact that no one knows how he got such a prestigious job with the credentials and security clearance that he did. Gannon supposedly found himself in an uproar when people started questioning if this could be THE VERY JOHNNY GOSCH himself, and Noreen got involved so much as to ask the man for his DNA to see if it was true. My question has always been the one that has never seemed to have been asked- was the man who came to visit her at 27 Jeff Gannon? Simple- and yet- the chaos that ensued with the media seemed to prevent the logical question from being asked.

It is my contention that John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch have been working to keep the true facts of Franklin Credit from ever becoming public by, with the medias help, filling the airwaves with such outlandish tales that most simply dismiss the events of Franklin as nothing more than a big hoax. I say that, not only because that has been the history of the situation for thirty years now, but because of my own personal involvement with Noreen, and the obvious lack of involvement by DeCamp- who has done his best to avoid me, despite the fact that I would love to go in public and debate these two concerning their stories and lack of credibility that they have, at least in Omaha.

I figure it is safe to say that Noreen Gosch and I despise each other, and for good reason. Noreen dislikes me because I question her story in such a way that it makes her incredibly uncomfortable- which is why she generally attacks me personally rather than deal with the things that I am saying. I do not see how Bonnaci- who has lived in Omaha all of his life, and who has gone public saying that he was involved in Franklin, has been unable to provide any real details in Omaha (his hometown) and yet has provided a plethora of details to other places to the media, esp. in the British documentary on the situation, Conspiracy of Silence. How is it that he seems to have amnesia concerning town events in a town that he STILL LIVES IN EVEN NOW, and yet can give crystal clear details of other places? This was what caused the dissention between Noreen and I in the first place.

Up to that point- we had been buddy buddy- so much so that she sent me emails claiming how she was my friend (which I still have). She was even so nice as to provide me her ex-husbands personal mailing address so that I could write him a letter. My email exchange between ex-Omaha chief of police Robert Wadman was being forwarded to Noreen realtime while I was having the exchange- and I have a series of emails of Noreen expressing her disbelief that Wadman would have such an exchange, considering the depth of what was being discussed. (It was all about the efficient disposal system they had a Forest Lawn Cemetery as the crematorium was being used to get rid of the victims that were being abducted and murdered – which you can read in my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story). However, when I reached a point where I began to realize that the “official” story didn’t logically make sense- and was so out there that it seemed to reek of being part of the cover-up itself, was when things went sour.

I bring this up now because it has come to my attention that the media is starting another campaign with Noreen in mind- like the upcoming show that 20/20 has planned. The funny thing is that the Gosch camp is well aware that I overnighted my book to the producers of 20/20 right after finding out- and for a company interested in the truth- still there has been no contact. In the 80s and 90s- the media did an excellent job of dismissing the whole problem of child trafficking and abductions by associating it solely with Satanic Ritual Abuse and making a joke about it. The whole argument that our history in America with “satanic panic” was some carefully crafted hoax fueled by the media doesn’t make sense- when you look at what was back on television at the time. Col. Michael Aquino (founder of the satanic sect Temple of Set), parading around on stage with his merlin the magician type outfits, while Geraldo was making a fool of himself airing a satanic family that didn’t show up. My point is the that media didn’t fuel the problem so much as do its best to dismiss the problem in people’s minds by being so outrageous and out there that the public simply just thought it was a joke.

However, things have changed and the internet has become a Godsend to the truth. There is a REAL side to this story- one that makes sense- that the media doesn’t want to become public- and that is the one that I have written in Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story. It is interesting that the “pioneers” of this movement to save children- like John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch, fight against that truth, doing their best to suppress the truth about Omaha- even now, by doing their best to diss me and keep anyone from looking at what I have to say. Is it frustrating? Damn straight- but it is also telling, and helps with my argument that they are once again doing their best to prevent the truth about Omaha events from really coming out. Along with the media’s help- who is going out of their way to once again promote the “Franklin” camp outlandish stories in hopes to dismiss the serious allegations that I have made and am going to continue to make- because it is the truth, and that truth NEEDS to come out.

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