What Has Happened Since the Publishing of Rabbit Hole

September 2012

After publishing Rabbit Hole, the common question I have had has been “what happened next?”, and I want to take a moment to explain what I have gone through from the very beginning of trying to get this manuscript out.

The day after I sent the finished version to my marketing team, I once again found myself being inundated by a sound that only resided in my house. Much like a mosquito- the electronic buzzing never settled on an established rhythm, and as a result, my brain was never allowed to rest- thus I was not able to sleep. It was the same thing that happened to me that I speak about in my book- but this time, I recognized the symptoms- which began the day after I sent my book over the internet to be published, and I knew without a doubt that I was being attacked by some weird sonic weapon in my home.

The sound only existed in my house, and when I would leave- although I would experience a 15-20 minute period of nausea right after, I would return back to “normal” and couldn’t hear the noise in my head even when I tried too. However, with no money and nowhere to go, I decided instead of hitting the road, to fight back this time.

The day that I returned back to the hospital was awful. A week and a half of no sleep, I was desperate to seek some sort of help but had no idea who to turn to or what to do, so I decided to upload my entire manuscript online- figuring that if I was going to die I wanted others to see why I believed I was being attacked. The twenty-five minutes it took me to upload my manuscript in my house felt like I was in a microwave, and the noise that was ONLY prevalent in my house was at such intensity that I felt like my insides were going to implode.

I drove directly to Lasting Hope hospital right after, and checked myself in. The sound was gone, and I was relieved for about an hour, at which point the sound returned at such intensity that all I could do is lay on the waiting room couch and let the sound buzz in my head.

Forty-five minutes later, getting ready to get checked into my room, I had to be rushed to Creighton University Medical Center by ambulance because my blood pressure had skyrocketed and I was well over the heart attack or stroke level. They ended up keeping me three days and running all sorts of tests, trying to ascertain why someone with a perfectly healthy heart, even now, was near stroke level at coming into the emergency room, which they never did figure out.

However, what made all the difference this time is that I demanded that they look at my website and try to understand that what was happening to me what being DONE to me to silence what I was trying to say in my book- which I directed them to read on my website to see what I was saying. I told them that the government had some sort of secret electromagnetic sonic microwave weapon that they were using on me- and though I knew I sounded crazy, I just kept demanding that they document everything I was saying no matter how bizarre it sounded.

I was fine both mentally and physically the three days that I was in Creighton Medical Center, but I was still afraid to go home when they discharged me, so I decided to return to Lasting Hope immediately afterwards in hopes that they would also document what I was saying and maybe offer something by way of help.

I knew that immediately when I was checked into the “special care” unit with a room whose adjoining wall overlooked the outside road that I had just been set up. For three days I laid in that bed listening to the noise I hadn’t heard all the while I was in Creighton, although when I left my room and sat in the common area of the unit at Lasting Hope, I couldn’t hear it at all- which offered some relief. The problem was that other than the staff, I had no one to talk to- as the special care unit is generally full of completely dysfunctional people. The sound didn’t cause another heart “problem”, but it was still difficult to listen to and made it hard to sleep- although the only one I admitted to hearing the sound while in the hospital was Michael, scared that if the hospital knew they would keep me longer.

The staff at Lasting Hope was amazing though, and it was less than twenty four hours later when I realized that the whole staff had been checking out what I had written on my website, and instead of looking at me as if I was a paranoid schizophrenic, they remarked at what a brilliant writer they thought I was, somewhat sad that they didn’t quite know what to suggest by way of help. My head nurse Denise was outstanding, going out of her way to try and understand what I was saying, and the day I left, she gave me a hug and assured me that I was a Godsend. The most important part for me was that they had documented in detail everything I had told them, so that if anything should happen to me- there was a group of professionals who were aware of what was going on and why.

The noise dissipated a few days after returning home, and I haven’t heard it since. I don’t profess to know what actually happened- nor do I know the details of the machine that was “turned on” and pointed at me somehow- but I do know that the day after I sent out my manuscript online, it was the next afternoon that I heard and felt it turn back on. Since then I have been and am in perfect health, both physically and mentally, and I have never again experienced what I did when I was admitted to Creighton Medical center, but there are other methods of harassment, and my experiences unfortunately were just warming up.

November 2011, my step mother and her cousin/lawyer took me to court and filed a protection order against me, in hopes of shutting down my website DavidShurter.com and stopping the upcoming publication of Rabbit Hole. Judge Marlon Polk, after listening to me detail the concerns about my family and their involvement in a child abduction and trafficking ring, decided nonetheless to grant the petition. For me personally, this effectively succeeded in nothing changing in my life. My stepmother and her children make my skin crawl, let alone her cousin/lawyer- who has a long history of being involved in helping my father and his family with their many financial indiscretions, as well as with their sordid history that I detail in my book. To me, looking back, it just seemed one more attempt to quiet me, and since then have made it a point to keep Judge Polk abreast at what has been happening this last year, as the harassment from my stepmother and her cousin began there.

You see, since getting the protection order, (which I have uploaded onto my website in its entirety), my step mother and her cousin/lawyer have sent out at least fifteen threatening letters to anyone who has would get involved with helping me distribute or promote my book. Although claiming that she is deathly afraid for her life with regards to me in Judge Marlon Polk’s courtroom- she has gone out of her way to thwart me every step of the way in trying to get Rabbit Hole into the public’s hands, and has gone so far as to threaten a couple of ladies who simply made cupcakes for one of my book openings. The harassment has been constant and intense, and I don’t expect it to end any time soon.

Right before she took me to court, my stepmother once again went to the Omaha Police department and tried to file complaints against me. Using my website as a tool to get out the truth, I made a huge deal about the affair, involving the mayor’s office as well. Not only was I making complaints, but my sister Sarah, after talking to the policeman who was helping our stepmother, was so enraged by the attitude of the man that she herself called and made an official complaint with Mayor Jim Suttle’s office. It was in the middle of this hoopla that I was contacted by a Detective John Pankonin, of the Nebraska State Patrol.

It is my contention that many of the child killings and abductions in the Midwest could be connected to my father and his friends, and a boy who was murdered in Omaha by the name of Ricky Chadek was one of those children I believed could be involved with this mess. Det. John Pankonin is the cold case detective assigned to the Chadek case, and so, after being prodded by the mayor’s office as well as the Omaha Police dept., he contacted me by email and asked if he could talk with me.

I spoke to the man on the phone once or twice- and sat with him in his interrogation room twice, once to give him a copy of Rabbit Hole and explain myself and the second time to sign papers giving consent that my DNA be extracted and compared to what was left at the Chadek crime scene, to see if it compared to either my father or brother. I detail my experiences on my blog, but needless to say, it went basically nowhere.

Angry that Det. Bob Frank of the Lincoln Nebraska State Patrol helped my stepmother file two police complaints against me without ever informing me of the fact years before, after I had told Frank of my concerns about my father and his family- (a situation in which I detail in Rabbit Hole), I expressed immediately my mistrust to Pankonin for the department itself in our first phone call. Assuring me that I had nothing to worry about, in the end, it is like the old adage, for the “proof” was definitely “in the pudding”. My first guess should have been when he asked me to write something positive about the police department on my blog during our first conversation on the phone, but later I would have no doubt of the inefficient detective work that would surround what I was trying to do.

Never bothering to attend the protection order court hearing between my stepmother and me, Pankonin’s lack of initiative didn’t stop there. A few months after extracting my DNA and informing me that it wasn’t a match but asking me to keep that to myself, he also admitted that he had done no other investigative work on what I had told him- least of all speaking to my father’s Asian hospice nurse from Methodist Hospital named Jayne- who listened to my father come clean about his many crimes against children. Not bothering to ask one question, or look into one thing that I spoke about concerning the child, drug, and gun running operation that was happening here in my past, I found Pankonin to be just as gamey as Bob Frank, once again showing me that Nebraska’s finest cannot be trusted when it comes to investigating a situation that involved THEIR OWN DEPARTMENT in the illegal activities.

After I published Rabbit Hole in Jan of 2012, the harassment that I was experiencing started to extend to others, and not just by way of threatening letters. One of my book sellers, who just happened to take his dog out at three in the morning, was visited by a tall, blonde, all American type stranger outside his house, who told my seller that he didn’t want to sell my book because the “fight was not his”. Casually threatening him by making a subtle remark about how his wife must enjoy their house, it was enough to frighten the man from carrying my book in his store. However, Omaha is a small town, and word quickly spread about the event, as the man, in my experience, is a fighter and not to be trifled with. With that, it is safe to say that, although he decided not to carry my book at this time, he certainly did not run with his tail between his legs, and has been quite outspoken about the event since.

A few weeks after that, a man in a non-descript car was taking pictures of me and a friend as we came out of a gas station near my house. Unnerving my friend a bit, I was not to be daunted, and backed up my car side by side with his so I could get a good look at his face, which both my friend and I did. Infuriating the man with the camera, he tried to run us down in the parking lot afterwards with his car, and made sure to turn back and look at me as I was driving away before entering the station himself. I guess there just comes a point in which you have to fight back, and I have reached that time.

I know that all of this sounds crazy and paranoid, but I assure you that this all is the truth. I recently read about Ernest Hemmingway and how he used to complain to his friends that he was being harassed and followed by the CIA at the time. Everyone around him thought he was delusional and crazy, and yet, now our government just released papers validating that yes, because of his affiliations with Cuba, Hemmingway was indeed being harassed by the CIA, and this happened so long ago that many don’t have a clue any longer as to who Ernest Hemmingway actually is. (He was a famous, brilliant writer back in the 40s and 50s). In the past recent few months, I have realized that there is a whole “targeted individual” community of people who have been electronically harassed by the government as well as being stalked and terrorized.

My friends, of whom I have many, are completely aware of what is going on, and why it is happening. There has been and is still an ongoing campaign to quiet my book and stop me from telling my personal experiences with what happened here in Omaha, and it is isn’t just with government officials and the police department. I have been attacked over what I truly believe to be the spin concerning Omaha’s failed credit union Franklin Credit, and although all of the complaints against me have been simple character assassinations, let me make it quite clear why I am still fighting for all of this to be heard.

I do not believe the official stories of Franklin Credit, nor do I believe those who are purported victims of the situation. The reason why all of this matters now- even after thirty years, is that people such as Attorney John DeCamp- who has inserted himself into every controversial case we have in America- such as in Franklin, the Columbine shooting in Colorado, and the Oklahoma City bombing, is now telling people that he was talking and trying to expose the situations with Sandusky and Penn State ten years ago. This is a major concern for me, and this is why.

Boil the situation down from all of the chaos that has been asserted by people such as John DeCamp, Paul Bonnaci, and Noreen Gosch- and what you have is a little bit of the truth wrapped up in so much crap that it, and quite effectively, boggles the mind of anyone who would concern themselves with the events surrounding the failed savings and loan. I believe this is done on purpose, and the reason is because most of what I detail in Rabbit Hole about the Old Market area, and Forest Lawn, and Hummel Park, have all been left out of the official story, and I think, considering that most of this is not secret to people who were in the area at the time, this has to have been done on purpose. Men, such as DeCamp and Bonnaci, who can tell you crystal clear details of other places such as Washington D.C. and the Bohemian Grove, have selective amnesia when it comes to dealing with their own home town and stomping grounds. This doesn’t make sense.

What was happening was simple. A child, drug, and gun trafficking ring was being run by the richest men in our city, all of whom, during a time when the rest of the country was financially floundering, somehow made an inordinate amount of money enough to build entire empires. Guns were being flown out of the local air force base to the Contras, and cocaine and money was being flown back- which made Omaha the cocaine rich area that it was. The Catholic church- esp. by means of Boys town, was helping with the child prostitution that was taking place- which was rampant in both the gay and straight world. Psychological experimentation was happening on the same air base, and it is my belief that it is heavily connected to all the cult activity that was also occurring in Omaha at Hummel Park and Forest Lawn Cemetery. All of this was able to happen because many of the wealthiest men in the city- along with our government, controlled the media and such and spun this fabulous story about a “carefully crafted hoax” while never expounding on who could be behind such an endeavor, as those who were being accused of child trafficking and abuse complained about a “witch hunt”. However- the internet has changed everything, and what once was secret is now no longer.

It has only been nine months since the first release of Rabbit Hole, and as you can see- it has caused a whirlwind of activity in my life. So much so that I felt I needed to talk about it in order to explain and detail that the forces that have kept this quiet are well funded and working just as diligently today to keep things quiet. However, there has been a new development, and I wanted to allude to it before I end this post on what has happened since I first began publishing Rabbit Hole.

The big mansion style white house that I speak about, where terrible games of hide and seek were taking place in a house that was full of secret passages and rooms that were parlors because they didn’t make sense, isn’t a funeral home at all. I just want to point out that I have figured out exactly where this happened, and I ask that you all stay tuned for more- as I expose the place where great atrocities took place. Nowhere near Hummel Park or Forest Lawn Cemetery, the house was under my nose this whole time and I just didn’t realize it. However, I assure you that when this information comes out- it will make perfect sense to everyone. It has been this discovery that has made me decide that no matter the outcome of what I am doing, I must, for the sake of past survivors- help expose what happened here regardless of what I have, or am going to face in the future.

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