Some Thoughts Left On Facebook for Rabbit Hole…

So it occured to me……………..If Nick Bryant is also a disinfo peddler, then his “exoneration” of Hunter S. Thompson is probably Bull#$%@! I first began to question Bryant after seeing repeated assertions on his part that Franklin had absolutely nothing to do with MKULTRA (Decamp liked to insinuate that it had nothing to do with Satanism, Satanism was merely a part of MK brainwashing)! It seems to me that Franklin had EVERYTHING to do with MKULTRA (as well as money laundering and drug/weapons/human trafficking), so Bryant, after all his Franklin research, is deliberately misleading.
In his defense, he did an excellent job of portraying the, um, inconsistencies in the Alisha Owens “trial”, but it seems to me that he could very well be one of the controlled opposition agents who are now becoming quite obvious to attentive conspiracy researchers.
Anyways, in the DeCamp book, Thompson is identified as a cameraman in a particuliarly gruesome child snuff film which was connected to the Bohemian Grove (as per Bonacci’s testimony). In Bryant’s book, he states that Bonacci and (Troy Boner? I don’t recall and I don’t have a copy of the Bryant book) state that it was NOT Hunter S. Thompson who participated in these events. Troy Boner has a history of changing his story and you, Mr. Shurter, have provided tantalizing evidence that Bonacci is not on the up and up either.
It is a well known fact that Thompson, near the end, was suffering from a nasty Alzheimers type of dementia, as clearly evidenced in his later writings as well as his behavior. He also began throwing out little factoids which definitely would have made him a potential liability to the “program”, so to speak. (His time with the Hells Angels, the LC crowd, Manson Family associates, Oscar Acosta – his fictional “attorney” and CIA hack – , numerous Hollywood MKULTRA assets, big time politicians, the Ramseys legal team, and so on and so forth make him an obvious player in the world of black ops.) Near the end he made numerous comments relating to child abduction and exhibited some criminal behavior of that nature. Also Rusty Nelson claimed, right before HST’s death that HST was involved with snuff films. More than one other person independently claimed that HST liked to watch snuff films at Woody Creek.
At the time of Thompson’s suspicious suicide, Nelson was arrested, Troy Boner was murdered, and the Jeff Gannon story made mainstream news, albeit briefly. The question of Thompson’s murder was immediately spun in conspiracy circles as 9/11 related (BS), his Hollywood “friends” hijacked the situation (also had him quickly cremated and shot out of a cannon), and people like Ted Gunderson took over the conspiracy postings which hit closer to what I perceive to be the truth. Then, Nick Bryant came along with his suspect Franklin book and went out of his way to exonerate Thompson.
My thought is this – Thompson’s murder had everything to do with the production of child snuff films and MKULTRA. As he became a liability, the info carelessly released by DeCamp had to be rescinded and a new story spun. This is a small but VERY intriguing element of the Franklin case, and may provide one tiny example of why people like Bryant are allowed to control the Franklin evidence. If it can’t be covered up, it can be spun to throw researchers off track and provide fuel for those who strongly deny reality…………….Your thoughts?

First of all, I love it when people “get it” and this person, who is a friend of mine on Facebook- definitely sees the picture I am trying to present. In Omaha- it was the fact that snuff films were being filmed in the basement dungeon of the Hollywood bar that actually BEGAN the whole Franklin Credit hoopla, which was why the city was so eager and quick to tear it down and build a parking garage over the area instead. Both Nick Bryant and John DeCamp are doing their best to downplay and discredit the whole MKUltra/Satanic aspect of Omaha, which is what was REALLY behind fueling all of this mess in Omaha- along with all the cocaine being flown in from the Contras. What the “powers that be” are trying to do is now backtrack and try to cover up the history of what has been said because it contradicts with what is known about the situation now- and they are using Bryant and his book mainly because John DeCamp is so unstable considering the amount of pain killers he is on right now. All are part of the spin to try and keep the truth of Omaha from coming out- and Bryant is just the new figurehead in the cause. However- this is a man who is from New York City- has never lived in the area but has visited it many times in a brief six year period AFTER many of the key figures of this were all dead- and now he is acting like he is some sort of authority- telling overseas radio stations that those who connect MKUltra with events in Omaha are mentally ill (I heard it myself and knew the man was talking about me without mentioning my name- since I AM the main one trying to get this info out). Bryant’s story is the SAME old story- with all the SAME people, and it is what has kept all of this quiet for the past thirty years. The ONLY reason there is this push to get Franklin back out in the media is to prevent me from being heard as I tell the TRUTH as to what was really happening here. I have been working on exposing this since my father’s death in 2006- so you can see that the timeline fits with my efforts, and when you consider the personal attacks that I have been under- esp. since Rabbit Hole hit the market, by all of the main players in Franklin- who are telling everyone how bad they want the truth to come out while trying to destroy my credibility at the same time- it makes one wonder how true this is considering that they are FIGHTING HARD against me to keep what I know from hitting main stream media. Probably because, as my friend said, the whole spin on events surrounding Franklin Credit are bull$#!T

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