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Just posted as a comment on as many e-news stories about Damien Echols (“West Memphis Three”) speaking in Seattle that I could find:

There have been many cases where convincing evidence of ritualized murders has been uncovered, yet justice has been overwhelmingly absent. The McMartin Preschool satanic abuse case, the Orkney, Scotland ritual abuse crimes, and now Damien Echols’ story come to mind. There seems to be a formula for those in power behind the crimes that has proven successful in covering up their guilt:

Formula for Getting Away With (Ritualized) Murder:

1. Vicious, relentless attacks on the police work along with the credibility of all those who care about the children who are tortured and murdered and would seek justice for these horrors

2. Massive, deceptive propaganda campaigns, using money, media power and contacts, to promote the (false) innocence of their members who are caught with real evidence of their crimes

3. Dramatize the situation, reframing it from the real issue (atrocities against children) to red herring issues (shoddy police work, scandalous targeting of “innocents” being arrested falsely for such ridiculous reasons as being “weird” or wearing rock T-shirts)

4. Use people in positions of power or celebrity to lend credibility to the lies, perhaps because said individuals are part of the organized power structure seeking to get away with murder, or because they are ignorant of the truth and have been convinced in the “cause.”

Anyone who tells me there is no such thing as ritualized crime/abuse is either highly naive, ignorant, or trying to cover up their own culpability. Wake up folks–you’ve been fooled. The children who experienced these horrors deserve more than those still alive taking a flip, superficial look at the story, or passing along someone else’s deception. More info available at wm3truth and

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