Some Thoughts on Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Group of Young People on Amazon that Claim it Isn’t Real

It has recently occurred to me that most of the group I have been arguing with on Amazon are mere children- who have no idea what it was like in the past. Comparing the reporting of childhood abuse of the past to what it is today- they go on and on about those who have been wrongly accused- (although, like the McMartin case in California will show- NOT ONE was convicted) with no idea the prevalence of abuse in the past and how it was NOT reported. Even when it was- nothing could be done about it.

This group will also extoll the virtues of a man boy by the name of Doug Mesner- claiming that satanic worship is nothing but an innocuous belief system that should be respected for it’s right to be free of organized religion- much like what Anton Levey, head of Church of Satan, used to claim. However- this does not take away focus on Col. Michael Aquino- founder of Temple of Set- a very dangerous and brutal group whose focus on satanism was anything but innocuous. Trying to replace focus from Aquino to public exhibitionist Mesner aka Luciean Greaves, this group has done it’s best to try and have the public forget about the government official that people like George Bush Sr. used to run with, not to mention extolling his virtues as a pragmatist.

Our government was INCREDIBLY focused on figuring out the spiritual powers that lay behind mankind- and people like Aquino and other satanists are form a long line of gnostic beliefs that Satan was the hero of the past- encouraging personal freedom and a break from the traditional beliefs that have formed into a focus on God and the church. This wouldn’t be such a problem but this group believes- for the most part- that might is right and that sin is nothing more than experiences that serve no karmic response if one is strong and mighty enough to deter the consequences of behavior.

I have spoken about the events that occurred at Boystown- where young boys were being inducted into a human trafficking and sex ring. The group that I just previously spoke about will say that this never happened- and that things like this DON’T AND CAN’T happen- but the events playing out at Dozier School for Boys in Florida sing a different tune- and show that killings and abductions not only CAN- but HAVE occurred in our nation’s past. Simple denial because you are young and don’t have a clue doesn’t change the facts of the past- and any reasonable older adult can attest that idiocy is the folly of youth- and most of the time, young people don’t have a clue as to what they speak.

Did Satanic Ritual Abuse occur? Yes,under the guise of MKUltra- our governments programs to garner control over the mind and spirit of individuals. Is it STILL occurring? Some say yes, some say no- but it doesn’t mean that events of the past never took place- nor does it negate the harm that was done while it was happening in the past. Gordon- a particularly vicious young troll on Amazon- told me that Franklin Credit and the events surrounding the failed institution, never took place. Generally dolling out insults in order to try and prove it’s point- this group on Amazon voted my older sister’s comments down when she pointed out the events at Dozier School for Boys- where they are now starting to exhume the bodies of murdered boys. Franklin Credit- and the murdering of young boys in Omaha- could be proved as well by digging up Forest Lawn Cemetery. Just because this hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean that the murdering of young innocents DIDN’T happen- but rather no one has had the gumption to actually go look for proof yet. Just like at Dozier. People knew- but the naysayers- much like I have been confronted with on Amazon- said it could never happen and so it wasn’t looked into until it could NO LONGER BE DENIED.

Our nation’s history points heavily to the fact that SRA is not only possible but probable, and no matter how loud the dissenters, often too young to know any difference, squawk- it doesn’t change the fact that for decades it was not only acceptable to beat your children into submission, but it was encouraged. And thinking that our government took this to the extreme is not only possible but probable. To me it doesn’t matter WHAT public consensus is- as that is often nothing more than uneducated opinions rather than hard facts being presented. I KNOW what I went through as a child- and was present as I watched myriads more of what other children went through- and just because people who don’t know don’t understand doesn’t change the fact of what was.

Satanic ritual abuse is real. Our American governments involvement into the sordid mess is real. And people like Mesner don’t discount the history of people like Michael Aquino. Try as they might- their words and opinions will never change what was. It might influence public opinion, but then many, if not most, will go on and on about how the public are sheep and will believe what is comfortable for them rather than what is true. For me- this doesn’t negate the abuse I went through- and is just more of the same that allowed these atrocities to occur in the first place. This group of young dissenters on Amazon think they are stopping a witch hunt- when really all they are doing is discrediting the myriads of people who claim their history is ripe with this sort of abuse. Struggling to defend the status quo- it has been my experience that this group defends abusers- and considering that some of them are in league with people such as Doug Mesner, it makes me wonder what their true agenda is. Dozier School for Boys had one- and now that the bodies are being exhumed- we all know what it was. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the results of such denial.

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