Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner at it Again Pushing the Envelope for Satanism

Drew Faust, President
Office of the President
Harvard University
Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

Esteemed President Drew Faust of Harvard University,

We at CitizenGO, in the name of all people of goodwill, and with view of creating a better society, an improved global culture, solemnly request that you deny authorization for the Black Mass scheduled to take place on your University campus on the 12th of May 2014.

It has come to our attention that Doug Mesner, of the Satanic Temple of New York City, contacted the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and not the other way around. In our opinion, this is akin to allowing a traveling salesman to decide what is to be sold at a gift shop on your campus (the product here being the Devil and not a textbook) or an unaffiliated theater director, to dictate the script of a Harvard play— using your students, and the city of Boston, as guinea pigs.

The reenactment of a Satanic Mass in the name of education at Harvard would not only be a mockery of the Catholic Holy Mass—sacred to so many faithful members of the world largest Church—it is also a mockery of learning and of American academia. A spiritual ritual, when enacted even once, is by definition, the ritual itself. The Cultural Club’s Satanic Mass therefore, if you allow it to take place, President Faust, will be Satanic, with its intended content intact and the latter’s ramifications. Were employees at Harvard University to consider demonic possessions and satanic victimization to be a joke, it is not, in any case, a funny one.
In this, we find it notable that the mastermind of your University event is currently facing a misdemeanor charge in Lauderdale County, Mississippi for the desecration of a grave, which involved among other things, placing his sexual organ on a tombstone. We cannot believe that the faculty members responsible for granting permission to the Harvard Cultural Club were not fully aware of this fact, it being publically available information.

As such: if Mesner’s contemptuous treatment of the memory of a U.S. citizen, of the sacredness of the resting place for a human body, is not a concern for your intuition, we appeal instead to your University’s upholding—historically—of the American legal system. Please help us set an example to young people everywhere by not allowing Doug Mesner to succeed in his attempts to normalize Satanism, serving himself of your campus. Only a couple days ago, a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Satanists told our organization the following: “This mess corrupts and destroys everything it touches; and those behind it are all too eager to bring its evil repercussions to fruition, and at a time that there seems to be so little hope in people’s hearts.”

Sociologists (needless to say?) also have ample proof of the link between juvenile delinquency and youth identification with the Prince of Darkness. We question therefore the wisdom of permitting an outside organization, with no academic credentials whatsoever, and a long history of victimizing the helpless, the young, and the unwary, to impact your “educational” offerings to this extraordinary extent.

We would also like to point out that Doug Mesner, who is an intellectually dishonest activist for Satan worship only, is also the instigator of another initiative, much in line with his philosophy: namely the Statue to Baphomet intended for the Oklahoma State Capital. The statue depicts a goat-headed devil with two smiling children near its lap. At first glance, it is “merely” a satirical take on depictions of Saint Nicholas common in popular culture. The scene takes on an even more sinister character however when we take into account the well-documented cases—not only of sexual abuse—but also of murder of children that have occurred within the contexts of “real” Satanic Masses…like the one scheduled for your campus. A cursory review of police records can attest to the perverse and murderous nature of Devil worship, as does the testimony of those victims who have managed to survive. Being a Harvard alumni has until now been a source of pride for many a family; please, President Faust, do not transform this pride into shame.
Considering the great extent that Doug Mesner and his followers have gone to in the design and promotion of the Statue to the Devil in Oklahoma, we will venture an educated guess in stating that he would not be displeased were a similar statue to be erected in Boston, specifically on the campus of Harvard University, which is his current target. Again, the activities of the Satanic Temple in New York city and around the country, lead us to believe that the Black Mass scheduled for May 12th is not motivated by any interest in culture, but solely by a morbid, anti-social interest in idolatry and the recruiting of new victims, which will subsequently be preyed upon—if not during the Mass itself.

In any case, we ask ourselves: what substantial contributions to American culture has the occult made such that it could warrant the expenditure of resources at an institution of higher learning like Harvard?

Also, whether a consecrated or unconsecrated Host is to be used in this ritualistic event, whether those who touch it, and those who attend to its public desecration on your campus, believe in the doctrine of transubstantiation or not, is really irrelevant in what concerns the promotion of violence against Christianity at the core of Satanism, and at the core of this initiative propagated by Doug Mesner against your University. The Host is an emblem of the Body of Christ for Christians everywhere. We, at CitizenGO, feel it is unworthy of Harvard to permit a religiously motivated hate crime to take place inside one of its campus buildings—and with Harvard students as its accomplices.

However, if having henceforth abjured from your University’s Catholic roots, the religious sentiments of Christians are no longer a concern for your institution, we appeal to your sense of good taste in not insulting (as well) other societies that promote notions of peace, coexistence, and respect. In other words, grouping the practices of a Shinto tea ceremony, Buddhist meditation, and Shaker worship in the same category as Devil Worship—which is intrinsically uncreative and unconstructive, and not at the origin of, or part of, any viable society—shows a bewilderingly poor understanding of anthropology and human civilizations to begin with.
Which, humbly, bring us to our last point. The old adage says: don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned! We at CitizenGO—currently made up of more than one million activists—would like to voice our concern for the safety of your students and those in the surrounding area. Beyond the ludicrously offensive immoral nature of this event, on the campus of what historically has been one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States and in the world, we would like you to carefully consider the risks it entails for your University.

Here, for illustrative purposes, we shall venture to “conjure up” scenes from Waco Texas, or even fresher in the national imagination, the suffering of the victims at the Boston marathon. Or why not the recent shooting sprees that have taken place on other College campuses causing untold grief for young people, faculty members and theirs families— and staining also, the reputation of the Schools forever…?

If fire and random acts of terror and violence are too far-fetched for Harvard University, we ask you therefore, to not consciously and willfully, allow an organized one. Please, President Faust, in the name of human decency and common sense, please do not authorize the Black Mass scheduled to take place on Monday within the physical confines of your institution. It is, to say the least: a poor follow-up on Mother’s Day.

Respectfully yours,
CitizenGO and all the entire CitizenGO Team, around the World,

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