Some Thoughts on the Bohemian Grove

Doug Mesner aka satanist Lucien Greaves, will go on and on about satanism- much like this new article on his site,
but what is interesting is that the problem with Bohemian Grove is not the satanism that is practiced there but rather it is a place where national and social policy is determined by rich and powerful men. Going against every law and treaty we have in this nation- I find it interesting that Mesner will throw in comments about al qaeda and satanism- anything to feed the public his constant supply of hatoraid.

Most will agree that human trafficking exists, except for those few who follow Mesner/Greaves. Most will also agree that satanism and satanic practices are not normal- nor are they what most would adhere too- except the young group that follows Mesner/Greaves. This group will do anything it can to detract from the real issues and make their attempt to normalize satanism to be on the forefront.

Connecting me with Paul Bonnaci when I have stood against him for so long is another attempt at smearing the facts. And yes- I do believe that Walt Carleson and Mark Anderson were scape goats- taking the blame off of MUCH LARGER FISH in the whole child trafficking issue.

This group of young satanists don’t know anything but their need for abhorrent and abrasive lifestyles. Their love for Satan- and all things born in Hell- is undeniable.

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