The Real Problem With Survivor Communities

I have been involved with survivor communities for some time now- and it is my estimation that the False Memory group is the least of their problems. The biggest problem in the survivor community is that you have boards and groups like Ivory Garden, Infinite Minds, SMART, and Survivorship all trying to be number one so that they can profit off the victims of abuse. And people who have been abused are so eager to fit in that they do just about anything to be accepted.

I have seen Neil Brick line his wallet time after time after every SMART conference and then claim how he does what he does all out of the goodness of his heart. Felicity Lee- who promotes the worst type of behavior on her board and encourages her members to act like little children so she can reprimand them through the threat of banning them from the group is doing the same with her conference she is trying to set up in October- encouraging members to send in 100.00 every month to her pay pal account so she can “help them” buy plane tickets and afford the rooms that she has booked for her conference. Who needs perps when you have this type of behavior in the community itself? The False Memory Foundation is correct when it speaks about there being a bunch of con artists at the head of each of the groups. They are all looking to be the one and are ready and willing to scrap the others in order to keep profiting from their activities. This is one of the main reasons why I removed myself from this insidious group of people.

These groups- all vying for the money and glory of being the one- will constantly trash each other- so much so that they seem to be falling to the wayside. Brick gets involved with Survivorship and due to the constant bickering ends up dissolving the group that was under his non for profit umbrella. Felicity aka Pat Goodwin is COMPLETELY in charge with her non for profit and is basically the only one who can write checks off of the account- which I have seen her do time and time again. All of these people want to put money in their pockets and they will trash anyone who gets in the way of their greed.

I don’t like con artists- and the survivor community is full of them. Probably because survivors make easy targets. I stopped arguing with the False Memory Foundation because much of what they say- despite the hateful and adversarial way they present themselves- is correct on many levels. In the survivor community it is about promoting bad behavior and keeping people off balance and ill because it keeps the coffers full. People who become healed- who have no need for “littles” any longer- don’t need to have such groups and therefore stop shelling out their money for the groups.

I,despite what my stepmother and her idiot children assert, am not a con artist. I find it funny that they ended up with all the money and therefore want to make it out to be about money for everyone else- when it is obvious that is what they live for and it is THEIR example of behavior that promotes such crap. Jumping on the side of anyone who is against me- they have formed allegiance with Felicity Lee aka Pat Goodwin showing that they are, like the False Memory Foundation asserts- for themselves with no allegiance to anyone but themselves.

I am tired of the whole situation myself. Which is why I have removed myself from the whole playing field. Being used in any way to further themselves is not my style- and I have grown weary of it. But I felt I couldn’t leave without saying something to warn those who will be duped out of their money for reasons that have nothing to do with promoting good mental health. If you need to pretend to be a “little” in order to garner attention- then by all means pump your money to these people. As they say- fools and their money are soon parted. However- if you are actually trying to get healthy and be a productive person in society-my advice would be to steer clear of these groups. They will seek to get your money and when you have nothing more to offer them personally- they will leave you high and dry- or worse- they will join forces with the very people who mean you harm.

Just saying.

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