There Are Games Afoot- The Baby Eatting Castlewood Case and Elizabeth Loftus and Her Pedophile Protection Sqaud’s Crusade Against Judy Byington, Author of 22 Faces

This last week at Sundance Utah was very eyeopening in so many ways and I wanted to explain all that I have figured out in this mess concerning Dissociative Identity Disorder, severe ritual trauma, MKUltra governmental mind control along with satanic ritualistic abuse and this group of crusaders who say that to go after pedophiles is like enacting the Salem Witch Trials, even though it isn’t witches we should be aware of but people who are abusing children unabashedly in secret- and those who protect them. I had the distinct opportunity to spend quality time, and that is a HUGE understatement, with Judy Byington- author of the book 22 Faces, and involving myself not only with Judy- but getting a hold of the woman who 22 Faces is written about, I finally figured out the big picture. What I realized is that in my few interactions with her is that the big picture is that this group of pedophile protectors- such as Doug Mesner, Debbie Nathan, and Elizabeth Loftus- three LEADERS in this crusade to protect accused pedophiles and trash the whistle blowers are helping people connected to the False Memory Society make MILLIONS of dollars suing people in the process. In and of itself- the False Memory Society is nothing more than a money making scam – that has worked up to this point. However, everything changes and what is necessary in this situation is information and perspective. I think the time for that has been long over due in my opinion.

For reasons of my own, I think that Jenny Hill’s family is being told that there is money in it if they recant, and they are trying to set up Judy Byington as a big bad therapist AGAIN- just like they are doing at Castlewood with their lawsuit agaisnt four obviously unstable women who all claim that a therapist by the name of Mark Swartz injected into their brains false memories of eatting babies all around the same time. Never having a claim against him or Castlewood like this before, I have always found the TIMING of this lawsuit telling, as the PP Squad has ramped up their efforts since survivor’s, such as myself, have come forward in droves to tell about our abuse.

All of this is being promoted by “Dr.” Phil- who has played the episode with Judy, Jenny, and Robert twice now in about a year. Guess the man who lost his license for inappropriate behavior of the UNETHICAL kind concerning patients and FAVORS that were accepted by both he AND HIS FATHER, is unable to get new and MORE APPROPRIATE information out there. Thinking this man presents anything other than the Jerry Springer type of crap we have seen with the media we have heard before is silly in my opinion, as his show was nothing more than a sensationalized attempt to discredit Dissociative Identity Disorder and the fact that it is often a result of severe, and often satanic, abuse. But in my opinion, Judy Byington has a HUGE case against the people that have worked to decimate her and her book 22 Faces.

Funny thing is that none of my situation that I write about in MY BOOK called Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story can be discredited by Elizabeth Loftus and her false memory theories, as this came LONG AFTER what I experienced, and NOT being a survivor of DID but rather PTSD- and NOT forgetting what happened in either my childhood or my young adulthood, and having more than enough information to show that I was there and at least KNOW a bit about what happened, I am beyond her and her group’s money making schemes that protect accused pedophiles by dismissing the memories of the survivors as nothing more than fabricated memories implanted into their brains. Actually- in my case- they can take all their theories and shove them straight up their.

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