Why Does the False Memory PP Squad Have A Direct Line Into Amazon by way of Megan A. ?

It is interesting to me- and seems incredibly unfair- that the dissenters of Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces have a DIRECT LINE into Amazon by way of some Megan A. – who, now as a company, has shown not only to be complacent in the intimidation and harassment of it’s author’s and their supporters but are working IN LEAGUE with this group of False Memory Foundation advocates to slander and trash those of us who would stand and talk about our abuse.

From my research- this is TOTALLY against Amazon policy- however, it seems that doesn’t matter when it comes to a group of people who slander and lie anonymously, being protected by Amazon as they are. There are 1000’s of people at this dept of Amazon- and yet Megan A. works alone- as I was banned by her in 10 minutes, gang stalked by the False Memory PP Squad who worked to gang report me on another website named Randi.org.

So Amazon is allowing a POLITICAL group of False Memory supporters to trash author’s and any supporters that might come forward to claim the same type of abuse, like myself.

For more info on this- please check out the webinar made by myself and another survivor who just had the group from Amazon call CPS on her, named Felicity Lee, as we detail the issues with this whole situation.

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