Thoughts on the Tribulation

There is a lot of talk about these being the “end times” and because of my upbringing and my training, I am commonly asked my take on everything that is happening around us, and so I wanted to take a minute and explain what it is that I believe, if only to offer some comfort in these trying times.

Without a doubt- I believe that we are most definitely at a time where history is beginning to write itself, and ancient prophecies are manifesting all around us. The decline in the world’s society structures, the ill fated weather that we are experiencing, and the global changes that have changed everything- most notably the fact that the Earth is spinning at a faster rotation due to the recent tsunamis that have occurred. Faster rotation means higher vibration, and we as a species are having to adapt at rabid speeds just in order to survive. Things definitely do look bleak.

However, I do not think these are the end times by any means. The phrase “there will be wars and rumors of wars, but fear not- for I am with you” rings over and over in my mind when I begin to look into the future- and I see, not a time of complete catastrophe- but rather a time for miracles, which are occurring all over the place if we only take a moment to look around and take them in. As such I think that we are beginning a time that we will be able to right the injustices that have been such a strong part of our short history and actually make this world one worth living for. The only way to do that is for all of us- collectively- to seek that part of Heaven that is within us all, and as one force become the change we wish to see within the world. We all must awake and help our brothers and sisters to awake as well, and in doing so, we will allow God to use us to help the world manifest itself into what we have always desired it to be- one where love, peace, and freedom are perspectives that we, as a society, are not only able to embrace but share with others in the joy of being one. This sounds like a lofty goal- but I would rather reach for the stars than dig a hole in the ground, and if I have learned anything in this life it is that perspective is everything.

The choice, as always, is ours- and all of our choices come with responsibilities. What we choose now WILL MATTER in the future, and so we must be wise. The only way I got through what I did as a child was because I always turned to God to help, and did whatever I could to help with the cause and effect of my own actions by trying to be a better person than I was the day before. For those of you who know me, you know that I am adamant about not calling myself a Christian, for reasons that I am not going to talk about here- but I am also not one who throws the baby out with the bathwater, and therefore I will say unabashedly that I think that the emulation of Jesus Christ and actually LIVING the way he taught society to live is the only way we will be able to conquer what is ahead of us. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, and the first commandment is LOVE, and therefore we all must act accordingly. Whatever religion you may adhere to, this is a fundamental rule for ALL of them, and so we must, as a collective, begin to work in ways that glorify that relationship rather than beat at each other like we have been encouraged to do.

We are not at the end- but rather the BEGINNING, and we have a miraculous opportunity ahead of us. First though, we need to become fully aware of the world around us- in order to effectively make the changes needed to heal our world. The systems that are crashing are a symbol of the old ways- and those who have been corrupted by power, greed, and hedonistic lifestyles will be claimed by their own personal evils. As will we all if we are not fully conscious of ourselves and our own desires. It is my belief that we are not so much in the Tribulation but, rather, the Retribution- where we are all about to be in front of God and judged for the lives we have lead and the choices we have made. The dark MUST be contained, and so it shall- and those who bask in the dark will be claimed by it completely, just as those who strive to bring light will be blessed for their endeavors. The choice- as always- will be ours.

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